Things You Must See On Your Trip To Hilton Head Island

A memorable vacation comprises a relaxing venue, laid-back atmosphere, cheerful ambiance, delicious food, but most importantly, awe-inspiring sights to see. The Hilton Head Island ticks off all the boxes when it comes to an unforgettable holiday experience. Located just off the South Carolina coast, its scenic views, beautiful resorts, enjoy sports,  and natural features have made it one of the fastest-growing tourism hub. The mid-island located Hilton Head Island airport promises easier accessibility for the tourists.

So, have you planned your trip to the Hilton Head Island this year? If not, here are a few tempting sights that will compel you to plan one.

The Beach Paradise

The Hilton Head Island boasts of 12 miles of sandy coastline and 8 public beach points. Treat yourself to a satisfying view of the Atlantic as you enjoy the soothing feeling of sand beneath your feet. Try out your hand at beach biking or take a walk along the beach at sunrise. You will never run out of things to do at the beaches of the Hilton Head Island.

Coligny Beach Park & Coligny Plaza

Coligny Beach Park is right on your way to the beach. It offers amenities like outdoor showers, change rooms, and restrooms. You can even relax on any of the seating areas as the park has a ton of them. After having the time of your life at the beach, you can head over to the Coligny Plaza. Restore your energy with some refreshing, mouth-watering delicacies. In addition to eateries, the plaza also houses a movie theatre and a number of unique shops.

Harbour Town Lighthouse

Situated in the heart of Harbour Town, the Harbour Town Lighthouse is the most popular landmark of the island. The unique red and white striped lighthouse is also a museum, which is decorated with a number of fascinating exhibits such as historic photos and artefacts. One of the exhibits showcases the role of the Coast Guard over the decades.

Coastal Discovery Museum

This place is a treat for all nature lovers. Take your kids for an educational adventure through 68 acres of land and explore a variety of native trees and wildlife species. The entire property has well-marked nature trails to guide you through the museum seamlessly. From the Bird’s Eye View Theatre to the Shell Ring replica, this museum houses interesting sights that will surely appeal to people of all ages. 

Pinckney Island National Wildlife Refuge

The refuge covers a total of 4,053 acres in Beaufort County with the aim to preserve the natural habitat and wildlife that live there. Only one of the four islands, Pinckney Island, is open to public viewing. The refuge with its marshes and tidal creeks, in addition to the forested areas and freshwater ponds, is home to a diverse variety of birds such as the white ibis, herons, and egrets. If you look hard enough, you may even see a white-tailed deer or some American alligators.

All-in-all, whatever you experience at the Hilton Head Island, you will experience nowhere else. Above are some of the most popular places to visit on the Island. However, the true spirit of the island encourages and has the scope to explore. Play a game of golf, book a charter, go beach biking, head out to the  Daufuskie Island, or attend theatre performances at the art center. Most importantly, have a good time.