Breathtaking Destinations

Breathtaking Destinations To Explore In Beautiful Turkey

Turkey is known for its rich history. It is the bridge between Europe and Asia. This magnificent place has been a well-known destination for traders around the world. Due to this, many people have exchanged their cultures and views here and have made Turkey culturally rich as well. Apart from the cultural and historical point of view, Turkey is the home to some breathtaking views of the world and getting turkey tourist visa is also friendly process. Here is the list of the best places to see in Turkey that one shouldn’t miss if they visit this beautiful destination.


Istanbul is not only the largest city in Turkey but a rich cultural hub also. Istanbul was the capital of Byzantine in the past. It is still famous for its bravura art and culture. You’ll find numerous boutique hotels and beach resorts where you can enjoy with your family and friends in Istanbul. To sum up, this could be an ideal vacation for those who have an interest in history.


Mardin is well known for its awe-inspiring visuals. Numerous stone houses are scattered in this city. Mardin has a unique texture that instantly grabs anyone’s attention. Several mosques and churches make it a sacred place. Those places belong to ancient times.


When Cappadocia’s name strikes the mind, the image of a valley with hundreds of air balloons is what one can think of. The landscape reminds anyone of a fairytale. There are numerous churches and houses carved from the soft rock as well. It all adds up to the fairytale scenario mentioned earlier.


Mersin is not that famous among tourists when compared to other places to see in Turkey. However, this can be an ideal place to visit if someone loves history. There are numerous historical places to explore as well- like Mamure Castle, Soli Pompeiopolis, etc.


Gaziantep could be the ideal destination for all the foodies out there. There are so many amazing culinary delights that make Gaziantep unique. Starting from pistachios to kebabs- it is the ultimate heaven for the food lovers. Apart from that, there are many museums as well.


It is the capital of Turkey. True, all the government offices and corporate buildings are there in Ankara. However, the main reason for visiting Ankara is its rich culture and its art. Many times Ankara got inhabited by different people. It makes the culture a mix of Greek, Roman, and Hebrew. This vibrant historic site is full of many ancient ruins and structures. The Museum of Anatolian Civilization is another reason for visiting Ankara.


Konya is not only one of the best places to see in Turkey but also adds value in your trip as it is famous around the world because of its old age. Konya is famous for Seljuk architecture. You’ll find several buildings from the 12th century. Places like Alaeddin Mosque, Minare Medrese are the houses of such remnants of history. Seljuk Tower is another remarkable attraction in Konya. It is famous for its length.

Turkey is the ideal destination for people interested in history. These are the places that come to mind when one thinks of visiting Turkey. Before planning your solo or family tours to Turkey, make sure you are connected to a good Istanbul Visa consultant who can make your visa process smooth and easy.