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Why Should You Order Mexican Food In Dubai From TAQADO?

Mexican food may be one of the tastiest, but also one of the spiciest types of food that you can find out there. Still, there’s no shortage of people that live in Dubai and which enjoy this kind of food a whole lot. Why does it matter? For starters, Mexican food is known to be very healthy. Its unique nature makes it very healthy, and you can also use it to flush out the toxins from your body as well.

TAQADO is a Mexican kitchen explicitly focused on offering some of the best Mexican food in Dubai. If you want to taste and enjoy authentic Mexican foods, then you should check out the TAQADO menu and order what you like!


Burrito is maybe one of the most popular Mexican foods on the planet. It has lots of calories, but it also lets you stay full for most of the day. It has an excellent flour tortilla, combined with your own choice of meat, beans and peppers, rice and salsa and sour cream. You can also have cheese if you want here, which is quite impressive.


TRES TACOS is an excellent choice for people that love tacos. Here you have the original healthy taco. You can choose the fillings on your own if you want, and that’s handy. That being said, you can opt for either soft or hard taco here, and you will get 3 of them in this package just like the name suggests.


QUESADILLA may look like a pizza, but it’s full of natural ingredients, and it features a toasted flour tortilla, your own choice of meat and the special Monterey Jack cheese. It’s a special meal for sure, and one that every Mexican food lover will enjoy.


TORTA is a favorite food in Mexico. It combines a traditional Mexican sandwich with some tortilla chips. Of course, you will need some Mexican sauce to make this the perfect meal.

Burrito Box

TAQADO also offers you a Burrito Box. If you love the regular burrito, but you are irritated by the tortilla it comes with; you can order the Burrito Box. It’s the same product, but without the tortilla.

Taqado Salad

Most Mexican foods can be full of calories. The Taqado Salad is the lowest-carb option for people that want Mexican food in Dubai from Taqado. You have a secret dressing and lots of veggies, all added into one of the most delightful salads out there.

TAQADO also offers you some extra sides if you want. These include the chicken tortilla soup, nacho box, unstressed guacamole, chili box or the roasted poblano chili soup. Thanks to TAQADO you can get some of the very best Mexican foods out there. If you live in Dubai and want to try out genuine Mexican food created with natural ingredients, then don’t hesitate and give TAQADO a shot right now. Immerse yourself into Mexico’s culinary world right now, and you will not be disappointed!

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