We all know the fact that the lifestyle of the people who live in Canada is outstanding. This is the reason that we all want to go there and live their lives. If you are also thinking the same thing and want to go there, you need to know some important things about travelling. The Canada- A V E agency has imposed a new regulation to all those who are willing to come to Canada and it is called Canada eTA. The Canada Electronic Travel Authorization is another name for taking permission from the Canada- A V E agency to go and stay in Canada.

Most of the people get confused and think that the Canada eTA is the alternate to the visa. No, this is not at all true because the visa is still there and the Canada eTA is an addition to it. As mentioned above, the Canada eTA is imposed by the Canada- A V E agency and this agency is independent of the government. The reason behind the imposition of the Canada eTA is that the countries have experienced many terrorist attacks and each one of them is trying to avoid them in the future. This is the reason we can see that the United States of America and some of the other countries have also take some preventive measures. In other words we can say that all the countries are trying their best to join together and put their contribution in removing the terrorism from the world.

However, there are some important points that you may need to know about the Canada eTA. The biggest one is that even if you get registered and approved for the Canada eTA, the Canadian government is going to keep a strict eye on you. It is because they cannot take any risk and will not want any harmful person to stay in their country. Moreover, while giving the approval for the Canada eTA registration, the Canada- A V E agency takes most of the information from the person including the name, Your name, your date of birth, your place of birth, your nationality, your reason to visit Canada, the place where you are going to stay in Canada, the number of days that you are planning to spend there, and a number of other similar questions. Moreover, there will be some more questions that will be answered in just “Yes” or “No”.

The Canada eTA is a permission that you have to take from the Canada- A V E agency to enter their country and stay there. Although most of the people get the registration for Canada eTA is just some minutes, the people are advised to apply as soon as possible so that they do not have to face any embarrassing situation. A number of cases has been seen where the traveler was sent home from the airport because of the absence of the Canada eTA or because there was some problem in it.