What to Do When You’re in Bangkok

Like all of Thailand, Bangkok has a long and diverse history. The city traces its roots back to a small trading outpost in central Thailand in the 1400s. The country of Thailand did not exist at the time, but the culture that would eventually become a unified state did exist. The trading outpost was chosen due to its central location. Eventually, that small outpost grew into a large settlement that is now the biggest and most populous city in Thailand. This city is ethnically and culturally diverse. The influences on Thailand come from within the country as well as without. There are aspects of Thai culture that are unique and different from any other country in the world.

There are other aspects of Thai culture that are considered obvious intrusions from foreign powers. The foreign powers that pressured Thailand were Asian as well as Western. Many of those same powers took part in the Asian investment boom of the 1980s and 1990s. Bangkok was uniquely suited to take advantage of the investment boom and did so. It is now one of the most powerful and influential commercial and cultural centres in Asia. That type of investment and commitment creates opportunities to build an incredible tourist infrastructure.

Tourist Infrastructure

Tourist infrastructure is not just places for tourists to go. Such a term also means hotels, restaurants, and people to work them. Compass Skyview hotel is a luxury 5-star international hotel located in Bangkokand an example of the kind of progress that has been made since the investment boom.

The hotel is considered by many to be one of the most luxurious and most attractive hotels in Asia. The hotel is centrally located in Bangkok, which gives you access to many different parts of the city and a variety of restaurants.

Bangkok Restaurants

Thai food is similar to many other southeast Asian cuisines, but also very different at the same time. There are obvious influences from the eight great culinary traditions of China and from Japanese cooking. However, there are more distinctly southeast Asian flavours as well that make it similar to Vietnamese food. Many of the influences from the West that moved to Vietnamese cooking also affected Thai cooking.

If you’ve had Thai food in a Western restaurant, you have experienced it as it is made for Western palates. If you want to eat true Thai food, you need to go to Thailand and experience it for yourself. If you are a busy person, you probably want a restaurant in your hotel. That’s why it’s so important to stay in a great 5-star hotel.

You’ll be able to go to multiple restaurants from within your own hotel. In a 5-star hotel in a skyscraper, there will be multiple floors that feature restaurants. It’s important that you get authentic Thai food if you are interested in doing so. However, it’s also common for tourists to buy food from their own culture. For example, it is sometimes very enjoyable to have Thai chefs prepare UK dishes. The blending of flavours is truly unique.

You can only find that sort of service at great 5-star hotels.