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What to do in Las Vegas

What to do in Las Vegas? This is a question that would yield about 10 articles, because Las Vegas is the city with the largest number of things to do in the world. But if you are going there for the first time, you have some tours and things that you cannot miss.


Hotel Casinos in Las Vegas

The first tip of what to do in Las Vegas is to get to know the amazing hotel casinos. Even for those who do not like to bet, the hotel casinos in Las Vegas are huge and have several themed attractions to attract guests and gamblers. The main hotels are all in The Strip, the main avenue that has all the main hotels and huge casinos in the city. So book your nights to walk through it, going from hotel to hotel and getting to know each one. Each hotel has dozens of attractions, restaurants, parties, casinos, stores and many things to do, so the ideal tour is to get to know about four per day. The coolest are the Luxor, MGM, Bellagio, Caesars Palace, Mirage Venetian, Cosmopolitan and Wynn. All are great, some are themed and have a lot to do there.

Welcome To Fabulous Las Vegas

A cool, fast and mandatory ride to do in Vegas is to know the famous symbol Welcome To Fabulous Las Vegas, which is a registered trademark of the city and everyone has to have a picture next to the symbol sign. It’s a quick ride and will not take even an hour of your day.


Shows in Las Vegas

The concerts and performances should also be on the list of things to do in Las Vegas, since they are considered the best shows in the world. Each hotel has a couple of fixed shows that take place every day. The shows of Cirque Du Soleil are impressive and are amazing performances that surprise people around the world. It has more than five shows of their own, spread over the hotels on the strip. One tip is to go on at least one of these shows in the first days, but you will want to go to another one as well. It also has magic and illusion shows that are fabulous. And even sexy and artistic shows for adults.

Getting around in Las Vegas

You can do a lot on foot in Las Vegas if you are located on the Las Vegas Strip. A cool tip for anyone going to Vegas is that hotels, restaurants, sights, outlets and many other attractions are far apart from the center, so renting a car is an excellent choice. Not to mention that with a car you can go to the Grand Canyon or visit any city of California, which is not far from there. And to shop in the outlets, which are further away, the car is essential to get there and then back to the hotel with all the purchases you made. And the parking lots of most hotels and casinos are free for visitors. If you want, see our article on how to rent a car in Las Vegas with all the tips you need to know and how to get an incredible price using a great price comparator.


Shopping in Las Vegas

Of course, the purchases could not be left out of the list of things to do in Las Vegas. The city has many shops and malls in the luxurious casinos, but the prices are not cheap. The tip is to go straight to the malls and outlets of Las Vegas, which have incredible prices and promotions, and is much better than buying in the shops within the hotels that are usually much more expensive and luxurious. The outlets are huge and have more than 150 stores known and loved by all tourists. If driving, access to outlets is easy and you will greatly enjoy your shopping.


Las Vegas Downtown

The area of Old Las Vegas, or Downtown Las Vegas, is a pretty cool place to visit and the hotels that are there were the first to be built. So they carry a very important historical value to the city. There is a street called Freemont that has a huge LED ceiling where they display animations and the place is crowded by people wanting to have fun and gamble in the casinos. In this street are the oldest hotels that became famous for appearing in the classic Vegas movies. Take the opportunity to gamble there, because the machines and bets are a lot lower, and you can enjoy it a lot more.

The Linq Complex Las Vegas

The Linq Complex is the newest attraction in the city and occupies an area of 18 thousand square meters in The Strip. Besides having several restaurants, shops and entertainment options, that’s where the biggest Ferris wheel of the world is located. You can visit the Giant High Roller ferris wheel during the day or night. We recommend the night tour, which despite being more competitive and having more expensive shows, is the essence of Las Vegas, with the lights of the hotels, casinos and clubs, besides the sight being more impressive.


The ticket to visit during the day costs 25 dollars and for the night it costs 35 dollars. The purchase of tickets is by time, which differs from the price of the day and night. You can buy over the Internet to guarantee yours and pay a cheaper price.