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What Makes The Perfect Fried Chicken

Fried chicken, a way of preparing chicken that consists of preferred spices along with the usual ingredients of flour and egg and deep fried to perfection. If there was a comfort food that was easy to make, it would be fried chicken. It’s easy to prepare and easy to cook. And while anyone can easily make one, why do people go to restaurants anyway? This is because, while it’s easy to cook it, it’s not that easy to make it look and taste really really good that restaurants can only achieve (so as many people believe).

Believe it or not, there are actually three things that you need to keep mind when making the perfect fried chicken and that is to make sure that it’s tender and juicy, its well seasoned and it should have a good crust. Although there are this pre-prepared batter or fried chicken mix in the market, these things contain a lot of chemicals or preservatives that can increase your weight especially if you use them more often. So what makes a good fried chicken?

Tender and juicy chicken: Nothing beats a tender and juicy chicken. The problem usually is when the chicken gets too dry especially the breast part and any amateur can easily make that mistake. The secret to a juicy chicken every time no matter what part of the chicken it is is to:

  • Have a fresh chicken every time.
  • You need to have a good batter that can seal in the moisture, this is the reason why an egg batter is pretty popular.
  • More importantly don’t overcook the chicken, usually, a ‘golden brown” look is the perfect look of a perfectly cooked chicken.

Well seasoned: Having a tender and juicy chicken doesn’t cut it, you also need to have a well-seasoned chicken. Not under seasoned, not over seasoned but properly seasoned. Unlike steak where you can be generous with the seasoning like salt, pepper, paprika and so on, a chicken doesn’t need one, all you need is a bit of it to make it taste great along with your other spices.

Has a good crust: A fried chicken won’t be a good fried chicken if you don’t have a crust. The crust forms or coats the skin which makes it more flavorful. The perfectly crusted and crunchy skin is the crown of glory for the perfect fried chicken. The proper way to do it is to have a perfectly coated chicken, fry it, let it dry and let the oil drip. For some people the crust is everything, so if you don’t have that on lock, you don’t have a perfect fried chicken.

Fried chicken is one of the most popular comfort food of all. It’s a very sinfully, juicy and crispy comfort food that you will surely have a hard time resisting it, especially if its hot off the fryer. And although it just looks easy to make, a perfectly good fried chicken isn’t. There are so many things that can go wrong. If you’re going to cook a fried chicken, there are a few things that you should do, and that is by making sure that the chicken is tender and juicy, it has to be well seasoned and it has to have a good crust. And if you think that you’re too far a way to make such a fried chicken, why don’t you draw some inspiration and visit now.