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What is a ‘Travel Nurse’?

So I’m guessing you’re a nurse and you love to travel.

Well, let me tell you, you’ve come to the right place.

The meaning of a ‘travel nurse’ can basically de defined by 6 components:

  1. A licensed nurse
  2. That gets hired by a company of healthcare staffing
  3. That offers temporary contracts
  4. Those nurses complete their contracts with the hospitals and other healthcare providers
  5. Those nurses get to travel and move around the country for different periods of time (depending on the contracts) for the work
  6. The locations that nurses have to serve are usually far away from the nurse’s tax home

If you’re a nurse and you like to travel, then is the right website for you.


There are tons of nurse travelers out there that are able to help you become a good one.

TravelerTalk will help you overcome your fears and learn all about nurse traveling.

Fears such as:

  • The uncertainty of picking up and starting over in a foreign place that you’re not used to.
  • To work with people with new people you don’t know.
  • To find out the route.
  • Among other uncertainties.

Sadly, many nurses are way too reluctant to venture themselves due to the doubting and the misinformation.

What they don’t realize is that nursing travel is mutually beneficial both for the installation of a few staff and the nurse who deserves a higher pay, valuable experience and a big opportunity to explore different places.

You can feel like you’re on a holiday or vacations but still having incomes and gaining experience on their loved vocation.

Nurses can feel even better about themselves too!

While exploring new places, they feel like they’re helping many more people that really need a hand!

And as if it wasn’t enough already…

They get to stop worrying about their home expenses. The company will take care of all hostel expenses.


This is actually a very good option for retired nurses.

If they’re still on conditions and have lots of love for their vocation, retired nurses can go for travel nursing due to the fact that they won’t need to be attached to a contract longer than 3 months.

They can still help people, create incomes and visit new places. The whole traveling situation about it is perfect for people with on that stage of life.