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Weekend Getaways Ideas Near Bangkok

Although Bangkok has enough things to keep you entertained for a lifetime, you need to look around the city to see the real Thailand.

You know how great it is to live in Bangkok. You never get a dearth of anything in the city, and the prices are so low that you do not need to work all day and night to make a living there. And still, you are living the most amazing life that you could have dreamt of, ever. Bangkok is a city that is always lively, and you would never feel bored here. That is not the best part though. The best part is that the city is surrounded by so many attractions, that it is almost foolish to not look outside the city for getting some fresh air and some amazing scenic beauty. Bangkok is a region that has grown to be one of the biggest cities in Thailand, not only for the trade, but also for the ease of living there. And the surrounding areas can vouch for that. Here are some places you can visit around Bangkok, for getting a deeper knowledge about the place:

  1. Samut Prakan: This is a small suburb to the south of Bangkok, and is a place that you should visit at least once while you are there. You will get to know how life is around the big and bustling city of Bangkok. You would get to see the Ancient City, an open air museum, and Chang Erawan. Apart from this, you will get to experience the sight of the Crocodile Farm too, which is said to be the largest crocodile farm in the entire world. Bang Phli has the longest reclining Buddha of the country. These are some rarities that people do not usually visit, and you can consider yourself lucky to know about this before visiting the place. Imagine the sight, and if it is appealing already, make up your mind for going to Samut Prakan.
  2. Chachoengsao: When you move towards the east of Bangkok, you see this beautiful temple town, and you wonder all by yourself, about why you did not visit the place already. This beautiful town is hardly ever visited by tourists, as it is not present in many tourist guides. But it is known for having one of the largest and tallest temples in Thailand, Wat Sothon Wararam Worawihan. Apart from the temple, boat rides can come easily, and you would not feel claustrophobic, when the crowd presses you from all sides, because there will not be any crowd in the town.
  3. Chonburi: On the south-eastern side, you get the area of Chonburi, where you will be able to see the first sea beaches around Bangkok, and the Bangsaen Beach would sure grab your attention. It is a regular beach, and thankfully, people from Bangkok do recognize this place, and visit here very often, usually over the weekends. You get to have all the fun of sea beaches here, from seafood, to sunbathing and the like. There is also the Khao Kheow Open Zoo in the town, which you can visit at cheap prices, and see some of the best places in the town.
  4. West Bangkok: Turning towards the west, you get the amazing Bangkok Beach, which, again, is not present in the tourist guides. Although there are no sandy beaches, this is something that you could take some time to view. A lovely boat tour, with some delicious seafood serving restaurants could give you a wonderful time off from Bangkok.
  5. Nothanburi: To the North of Bangkok is the Nothanburi area, a place which has been a settlement for over 400 years, from the time when Ayutthaya used to be the capital. You get some of the best attractions here, namely, Wat Chalo: the home to world’s largest sworn-boat chapel, Kwan Aman: the pottery museum that is known for having a wonderful collection of Mon design ceramics, The Dessert Canal: where you get home made sweets that could turn to some of the best delicacies that you have had in Thailand, Wat Ku: the place where King Rama V got shipwrecked, and the Horn Museum: where you literally get to see an amazing collection of horns in Thailand which can be as old as 16 million years.
  6. Ayutthaya: Further North (around 76 km from Bangkok), you get to visit the majestic sight of the city which used to be the capital of Thailand before Bangkok was made capital. Having served as capital for around 417 years, Ayutthaya had been called one of the most majestic cities in the entire Southeast Asia. At the moment, it is an equally majestic ruin. The city, razed by Burmese invaders, has crumpling ruins filled in the place. If you are into historical relics, you would sure be drawn to this majestic sight. You get to see the amazing Cambodian architecture in Ayutthaya, which is called Khmer. Apart from this, you will get to see the Sukhothai style as well. You get to see a lot of places here too. The Wat Yai Chai Mongkhon temple is such a big structure that it is visible from almost everywhere in the town. The Wihan Phra Mongkhon Bophit, with its bronze seated Buddha can be amazing as well. One of the temples of middle age, the Wat Phra Ram, still stands today, though in ruins. It was built in the 14th century and you can visit it. Wat Phra Mahathat and Wat Ratburana are believed to be some of the oldest temples of Ayutthaya, and date back to the year 1370.

Now that you see that there are a lot of more places to visit from Bangkok, maybe you can take some time out of the busy schedule in the main city, and skip the feasts and meals to see what the real Thailand is all about. These temples will give you an aura of mysticism and make your jaw drop with awe. They are some must watch places.