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What to Do on a Weekend Getaway to Turkey?

Turkey is a great summer destination and it is an unmissable destination for anyone who loves great waves, amazing food, and friendly people. If you are just planning a quick weekend getaway to explore the beauty of this country, you are in for a memorable experience. Even if you only have three free days, you will certainly love spending them in this lively country.

Turkey is a great place for a getaway as it has plenty of activities for you to do. It has a perfect place for everyone, so if you want to just lay on the beach under the summer sun or go swimming in the Mediterranean Sea, this is the country for you.

Here are the activities you can’t miss on your trip to Turkey:

  1. Walk around Istanbul in the evening

Istanbul is the famous capital city of Turkey, and it is one of the most remarkable cities in Europe. A combination between East and West, this metropolis has a life of its own that leaves tourists speechless. Bubbly, active and full of life, Istanbul is the perfect destination for party people. If you’d rather relax and skip the party, take a walk in the evening and stop at one of the beautiful cafes to enjoy the traditional Turkish tea. You can enjoy the local atmosphere and the warmth of the people who live in this remarkable city.

  1. Take a voyage on a Turkish gulet

If you want to really explore the Mediterranean Sea and enjoy its beauty, you should board a gulet and take a voyage around the area. This comfortable, luxury boat will transform your getaway into a memory to be treasured for the rest of your life. You can’t miss the opportunity to swim in the sea away from the crowded shore and enjoy a delicious drink onboard while watching the sunset.

  1. Visit the historical region of Cappadocia

Cappadocia is a completely unique location, and you must include it in your Turkish getaway. Famous for its otherworldly natural rock formations, dubbed “fairy chimneys”, Cappadocia is breathtakingly beautiful. The arid region located in the center of Turkey is a favorite among archaeologists who have discovered homes from the Bronze Age carved into the steep valley walls. The alien-like atmosphere of this unique region will certainly impress any tourist who stops by.

There is a lot to see in Turkey, and a lot of Europeans chose this country as their holiday destination because of the great weather, beautiful views, and incredibly warm locals. Get ready to enjoy the famous Turkish delight, bargain for all the gifts you buy and don’t forget to take in the special beauty of this unique region.

Your weekend getaway to Turkey will be a memorable experience if you take the time to enjoy the activities we recommend and take in the local atmosphere. Don’t miss an evening walk in Istanbul, an amazing cruise on the Mediterranean and a day spent exploring Cappadocia. You will return refreshed and eager to plan your next trip to this stunning location.