Vietnam Motorbike Tours

This province in northern Vietnam boasts spectacular limestone karst scenery, but the difficulty of getting there, the bumpy roads and the exhaustive required paperwork keep it off the beaten tourist trail.

The best way to see the area on your Vietnam Tour is by motorbike. But even though roads have supposedly been improved in recent years, you should still be confident enough in your abilities to take on paths that aren’t the smoothest. Some companies also offer trekking.

Start in Quan Ba,  a mountainous area that is cool all year round. Continue to La Sung Valley, covered in green forests and magnificent peaks.

In Dong Van district, you’ll find Lung Cu Mountain and colorful hill tribe villages inhabited by the Tay and H’Mong ethnic groups. Many fruits are grown in the plateau area, such as plums, peaches and apples as big as pears. You’ll also find medicinal plants like ginseng, anise and cinnamon.

Traveling between Dong Van and Meo Vac, you’ll see some of the area’s most spectacular scenery. As you traverse Ma Pi Leng Mountain, gaze down into the valley to see the Nho Que River.

If you visit in March, don’t miss Khau Vai Love Market. According to local folklore, the market got its start when a beautiful Giay girl fell in love with a boy from the Nung tribe. Her tribe refused to let her marry a man from another ethnic group, so violent fighting broke out. To stop the fighting, the lovers had to end their relationship. But they planned to meet once a year – the 27th day of the third month in the lunar calendar. Supposedly this is where they met. After they died it became a meeting place for all lovers.