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How to Unplug From Work While Camping

Vacations are a great time to unplug and unwind, especially while camping in nature. Fortunately, there are now campground-reservations sites that feature WiFi enabled campgrounds. While the goal is to unplug, it’s wise to plan ahead and leave the option available to work at specific times. Technology is used in virtually every job these days and consumes hours upon hours of free time. If you are planning your next camping trip and wondering how to disconnect technologically without falling behind at work, there is hope. While it may be unreasonable to totally unplug, there are ways to enjoy your trip without constantly worrying about work.

Plan Ahead

Making a plan is essential. Regardless of whether you need to set some ground rules for minimizing your work time or you are able to disconnect completely, having a plan will ensure a smoother trip and more quality time spent with friends and family. Here are a few things to consider.

How Much Work do You Really Need to do?

Depending on where you work and who you work with, you may not be expected to work at all while you are on vacation. Does your boss require you to answer every email immediately? Are you dealing with time sensitive issues or projects? Think long and hard about what is expected of you and if you have any concerns, it never hurts to ask.


Make a List and Schedule

It is always a great idea to complete any and all work you possibly can prior to your trip. Sadly, this isn’t always possible and there may be things that will need you attention while you are gone. For these must-do tasks, make a list, and if possible, a schedule. If you need to check your email on a daily basis, schedule 15 minutes every morning to look through your inbox. If you have projects that need attention, schedule an hour in the evening after everyone goes to bed. Make sure to let your family and friends know your scheduled work time so they are aware of when you will be off-limits.

Out-of-Office Reply

Set up your out-of-office reply as soon as your trip is planned. Make the message as clear as possible by stating the days you will be gone, letting coworkers and clients know you may not respond until you return, and give them an alternate person to contact if there is a pressing matter.

Only Bring Personal Devices

Leave your work computer and phone at home or in the office. If you need to check email or stay in touch with coworkers, there’s a good chance you can do this from your personal devices. If this isn’t possible, turn off any notifications related to work so you aren’t tempted to look at a device every time you hear a ping or see an icon.

And lastly, be present and stay in the moment. Vacations are about taking time to relax, exploring, and interacting with those around you. Plan ahead so you can enjoy your trip without the constant worries of work.