The Types Of Car That You Can Hire For A Holiday

When you are thinking about going on holiday, you may not want to fly off somewhere. This means that you will need to choose an alternate mode of transport for yourself and anyone who is coming along. A car is a perfect choice. You will need to decide which one is going to suit your needs.

1) A Hatchback – this is going to suit solo travels or couples who are driving when the weather is extremely good. You will be able to travel along without a care in the world. Choose a hatchback that is fast, but still has enough room in the boot for your entire luggage.

2) A People Carrier – the people carrier is going to be more suitable for you if you are travelling with a large family in tow. This vehicle will give all of the occupants a large amount of legroom so that long journeys are going to be extremely easy and nobody is going to have any cause to complain whilst they are riding in one of the passenger seats.

People carriers also have a large amount of space in the boot so that you will be able to store your entire luggage with ease.

3) An Estate Vehicle – estate vehicles are designed for maximum comfort. When you choose this type of car hire in East Perth, you will sit in spacious seats that are covered with extremely soft material.

There is ample legroom, and the boots are designed so that lots of cases and bags can be put inside.  Also, these cars usually have heated seats so passengers will be extremely relaxed as the car is being driven along.

4) An SUV – an SUV is spacious enough for people to stretch their legs out and to put all of their cases into the boot of the car. This is also the perfect car when you are going off-road and discovering rugged areas of the country.

You might want to use this type of car when you are going on a camping expedition. You can fit all of the camping gear into the boot, without having to cram it all on the back seat.

Attributes Of The Car

  • The car needs to have good fuel consumption.
  • The car needs to have good suspension.
  • The car needs to have seatbelts which are functioning perfectly.
  • The car needs to have enough legroom for all of the passengers to stretch out comfortably.
  • The boot needs to be big enough for the entire luggage.
  • The heated seats inside the car need to be working perfectly.
  • The air conditioning of the car needs to be perfect.


There are lots of different cars that can be used to transport you whilst you are on your holiday. Check the comfort of the car and how well it drives before you decide that this is the vehicle that you definitely want to hire. Draw up a shortlist of different cars that you would want to drive.