Traveling to Melbourne? Here Are Some Tips On Choosing The Right Accommodation

Melbourne is Australia’s second largest city, its cultural capital, a bristling business center, and with its vast array of restaurants and attractions, a world class travel destination. Arriving in the city, travelers have a variety of short term accommodation options. Here are the most popular choices.

Hotels – Hotels provide travelers with paid lodging on a short term basis and depending on their quality, hotels are usually rated from one to six stars. There are certain hotels that cater to specific types of guests or that have a particular style or set of amenities. These include:

Business Hotel – There are many business hotels located in Melbourne’s main business center and in and around its smaller business centers, that cater to business travelers. These hotels place a focus on providing business travelers with popular corporate facilities including: Hi-speed Internet, meeting and conference rooms (with catering), and access to a full range of business related options. Some of the more high-end business hotels even offer temporary offices spaces along with message answering services.

Boutique Hotel– Boutique hotels are smaller (usually less than 100 rooms) hotels that often have a theme or individual style. These hotels cater to the more artsy guests and are mostly located in Melbourne’s more trendy areas.

Extended Stay Hotel– For travelers looking for a hotel experience that feels more like home, extended stay hotels are perhaps the best choice. These very popular style hotels offer full kitchens where guests can cook their own meals and receive discounted rates if they stay longer than one month. Extended stay hotels in Melbourne are most often located outside the city center.

Bed and Breakfast – A Bed & Breakfast is a small lodging establishment that offers comfortable accommodation with breakfast and other meals included in the price. Bed and breakfasts are often independently run in private family homes, and typically have between three and six rooms. There are dozens of bed and breakfasts located around Melbourne. Most are in the city suburbs and beach areas.

Hostel– A Hostel is ideal for travelers looking to save some money and interact more closely with guests. They provide budget-oriented, sociable accommodation where guests can rent a bed in a dormitory style room with other guests. Bathrooms are shared and there is usually a lounge and kitchen that guests have access to. If you are in search of a hostel Melbourne has dozens to choose from located all around the city.

Motel– Motels are small, low budget hotels designed for use by tired motorists, who need to rest for the night. There are many motels located at roadsides around Melbourne that offer clean and cheap rooms, minimal amenities and ample parking areas for motor vehicles.

Resort– A resort is a full service lodging establishment that offers extensive guest services and recreational facilities. This type of accommodation is designed so that guests never have to leave the property for relaxation or entertainment. Melbourne has a number of upscale resorts, primarily located near or on its beaches.