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Today’s travel industry is crowded with all kinds of offerings, how do you make sense of it all?  More and more people are turning to more of a, “Been there, done that” approach to deciding where to go.  People are looking to those who have actually been to a place and can tell them about their personal experience with it.  With that in mind, there is a new website out there that promises to deliver just that: and their staff and contributors have personally traveled lived in, or still live in the places that they talk about.  It’s easy to see their knowledge and passion for an area can really inspire you as to where you might want to go on your next trip.

I have personally experienced that while reading their blog post about Jerome, AZ.  Reading this post made me feel like I really wanted to go back to Arizona just to see this wonderful place.  It’s not your standard blog about all the usual suspects.  Everyone is writing about Paris or London, but how often to do you see posts regarding a small town in Arizona known for its ghost population?

I have found that the best trips that I have had have been speaking to someone who has been there and having them tell me about it and what to do while I’m there.  They give me that inside look that can only be found from someone who has actually been there.  It’s almost like having a “locals only” pass to an area and knowing where all the best hangouts are.  You’re kind of getting a backstage pass to a premier attraction and seeing how things work.

Something else that I have found refreshing about is that they aren’t concerned about being travel book authors.  Too often what you find on these sites is someone trying to be the next novelist when all I really want is the highlights about a place.  I want to do a little of the exploring myself, not just have someone tell me everything about it.

All in all it’s just nice to have a website that is actually more dedicated to telling you about some great places to travel to, than selling you something.  It’s also nice that they are interactive and allow you to comment on their articles and tell about your experiences in those places.  You can even send them your own articles about those places you have been and really enjoy and help others enjoy them too.  I’m thinking that I might know a place or two that could use my own unique perspective on traveling to, I might have to send them one of my own.

I am excited about this latest offering in the travel industry and hope to see this website to continue to grow and give us some great destinations to explore.  My advice is to go to their website and check it out for yourself and plan your next adventure.  Follow this link and enjoy your trip:

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