Travel Tips

Travel Insurance – You Don’t Want to Leave Home without It!

The inherent importance of being covered by a suitable travel insurance policy when travelling abroad is something that no one can deny. Having said that, many travellers take out insurance policies that don’t provide them with the right level of cover, which isn’t the same as going without insurance at all, but it’s nearly as bad! Here are some useful tips to help you take out the right travel insurance policy the next time you go overseas on an exciting holiday!

Compare Travel Insurance Quotes

If you’re looking at the same level of cover between competing insurers, don’t expect to find a huge difference between the quotes you receive, especially if you’re looking at taking out a budget travel insurance policy. However, you may be pleasantly surprised, plus even saving a few dollars on travel insurance which can go towards your holiday is better than paying more than you need to.

Choose the Right Level of Cover

This takes some research, not a great deal, but you need to work out what is the right level of cover for you and your travel plans, so explore more about travel insurance in Malaysia before you buy a policy. Think about the following important factors to make the right decisions about the level of travel insurance that you buy:

  • Your age, health and existing medical conditions. The older you are the more comprehensive your travel insurance needs to be. If you have a health condition, you need to declare this before buying a policy.
  • Your destination and the cost of medical care. Some destinations, like the US and the Caribbean, are expensive for health care and travel insurance policies for countries like these tend to be higher as a result.
  • Your possessions and their value. What are you taking with you? It’s always a good idea to keep your travelling possessions to a minimum, though if you’re taking computers, jewellery or expensive computer equipment, make sure that they’re fully covered by the policy that you take out.

These are three important factors that you’ll need to consider, though you’ll also need to think about the activities that you’re going to be doing and make sure that you take out a policy that covers you for your plans. If you’re going skiing or diving, you need extra cover.

Keep Up to Date with Travel Warnings

If there’s an explicit travel warning that you choose to ignore, this can cause all kinds of problems with the insurer if you need to make a claim. While only about 10% of all travel insurance claims are declined, there’s an excellent chance that you’ll be in that percentage if you ignore travel warnings and find yourself in trouble and in need of assistance from your insurer.

Wherever in the world you’re travelling, from the jungles of tropical Malaysia to the desert highlands of exotic Morocco and everywhere in between, have a great time on your adventures and use these helpful travel insurance tips to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with being insured.