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Travel Abroad With No Roaming Fee

In these decades, internet has become a luxury service that we cannot miss. When we’re home we are ‘online’ most of the time. Whether it’s on our laptop or by using our smartphone. So why would we want to miss it while traveling?

Free wifi

Are you one of those travelers that is looking if his accommodation has free wifi? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. In fact,  latest tendency states that travelers are preferring free wifi over free breakfast when choosing their accommodation. The upswing of social media such as Instagram and Facebook has made it ridiculously easy to share our travel photos and experiences on the spot. The home front can easily get live updates of your holiday by checking your social media. Great, right?

Pocket wifi hotspot

Unfortunately when we travel we are bonded to free wifi hotspots offered by hotels, restaurants or tourist attractions to share our travel photos immediately. If we choose to use roaming data, our expenses could rise as high as, well even as high as the Eiffel tower. So unless you’re a wealty businessman, using roaming data is not an option to be online abroad. Fortunately, there is an alternative. A cheaper one that is. Travelers can rent a roamingman pocket wifi, a global wifi hotspot device that makes it possible for everyone to enjoy free roaming data when they travel abroad. It is possible to rent this device, starting at 12,99 dollar per day. At this moment the service of renting is limited to USA only but in a few months the device can be send to Singapore as well. The roamingman pocket wifi device eliminates roaming charges in over 100 countries. The device offers 4G high-speed Internet access, up to 150Mbps for downloading and 50Mbps for uploading  The offer of unlimited data makes sure you are able to be online all the time. Not only does the roaming man runs over 15 hours straight but it can be used to double as a power bank.

Pocket wifi hotspot

Digital nomads

In the digital era we are living, more and more people are pursuing the lifelong dream of working abroad and location independent. They are called digital nomads. The world wide web offers plenty of opportunities to earn a full income by working online. Basically it means you can travel the world and earn money while doing it. So far, digital nomads are restricted by the access of internet. However with the global wifi hotspot device, called roamingman, it will be possible to have internet access everywhere without the excessive roaming charges. Living the dream has become a bit easier once again.

Not quite sure if the roaming man device is what you need? Why not try it out for only 6,99 dollar per day?