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Top Things To Do In Mandalay Myanmar

Mandalay is a beautifully characterized city in north Myanmar. Once the last capital of Burma Kingdom, Mandalay boasts rich history with stunning architect reserved from king Mingdon era. Visitors also find it a beguiling place to place a life time adventure on motorbike or on foot.
Our Myanmar Tour expert has shared some must-see attractions of Mandalay :

Golden Palace Monastery

Constructed by King Mindon in the 19th century, this traditional Burmese-style temple was later moved to its current location by his son. Today, it’s a monastery – as well as the only surviving wooden building from the royal palace complex. Teak carvings with Buddhist mythological imagery cover the walls.

Mahar Aung Myay Jade and Gem Market

Love jewelry? Don’t miss the world’s largest jade market. The admission fee (about a dollar) lets you see up close how jewelry and other items are created from blocks of jade and traded. The market may be moved to another village in the near future (a move that merchants oppose because it would mean a long commute), so be sure to visit soon.


Myanmar Traditional Dance Show

For those who enjoy dinner and a show, the Mandalay Hill Resort’s “Dance from the Dynasties” revue will surely thrill. The performance showcases Myanmar’s long history of dance, from ancient Bagan traditions through modern day techniques.

Shwe Kyi Min Paya

Built in the 1st century by Pagan Prince Min Shin Saw, this pagoda survives despite having never seen a renovation. When the prince was exiled here after a dispute with his father, he devoted himself to the development of the region. (When his father died, he returned to claim his throne – only to be assassinated by his brother).

Mintha Theater

Enjoy traditional dancing, accompanied by live music. Some of the dance styles performed here are as old as the ancient kingdom of Bagan.