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Top 5 Things to Bring While Exploring Philippine Beaches

The Philippines is a travel destination which boasts an array of world-class beaches you can truly enjoy. Its more than 7,000 islands are packed with natural wonders which will make you want to visit it time and time again.

One of the many top destinations you can include in your bucket list when in the Philippines is Boracay. It is a small island located around 300 kilometers south of Manila. It is known all over the world for its powdery white sands and relaxing turquoise sea waters. Aside from that, it is also home to a wide range of budget-friendly and luxury resorts as well as places that offer the hottest kind of night scene. You can also enjoy the underwater world by either snorkeling, scuba diving or even helmet diving while in the world-renowned island. If you plan to visit this hotspot, a good pack of sunscreen and loads of enthusiasm will be enough to get you by. There are a thousand stores available within walking distance, so buying basic goods is never a problem.

Aside from Boracay Island, you can also choose to go to El Nido. It is located in the province of Palawan and has been ranked by many international travel magazines as one of the best beaches in the world. What makes El Nido a prime destination is its extraordinary ecosystem and oozing splendor. You can unwind in around fifty beaches nestled on small islands that open to majestic views, see awesome marine life or watch exotic birds. In fact, El Nido boasts the largest marine reserve in the whole country, which means that scuba diving as an activity is a must. To top it all, you can also see breathtaking limestone cliffs and beautiful lagoons perfect for that grand vacation picture. So if you plan to visit El Nido, make sure that you bring a good camera with you to document your amazing time in this ultimate paradise.

Philippine Beache

Another good choice when it comes to beaches is Samal Island. This beautiful island is located less than 3 kilometers from the city of Davao in Mindanao. What makes it a destination is its good number of pink and white sand beaches as well as world-class resorts like Paradise Island and Pearl Farm. On top of that, there are also several marine reefs waiting to be explored. Then aside from the beach, you can also enjoy a wide array of tropical fruits that only this part of the country can provide like the Durian. If you plan to visit Samal, it is best to bring your adventurous appetite with you.

Last but definitely not the least of the must-see beaches in the country are the ones that are surrounding Panglao Island in the province of Bohol. You can bask along white-sand beaches and delight in the wild colors of rich marine life or taste delicious native delicacies, enjoy the exciting nature rides in Danao and explore the world-famous Chocolate Hills if you want to explore Bohol as a whole in more detail. Century-old churches, which are perfect for postcards are also located in almost all municipalities of the province. So aside from bringing a pack of sunscreen, a good camera and an adventurous appetite, you should also remember to bring light clothing to beat the heat and a good pair of sunglasses. These things are great in allowing you to enjoy a more memorable beach getaway in the Philippines.

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