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Tips for New Cyclists

If you’re looking for a new hobby or pastime and you’d like to try something physical, cycling is a wonderful option. Cycling allows riders to enjoy the road without being stuck in the confines of a car. Cycling as a mode of transportation allows people to save money on petrol, produce fewer carbon emissions, save the country energy, and get exercise at the same time. In addition to all of this, cyclists can ride in a lot more places than people in cars can. There are parks, trails, and other places to ride. Because there are so many things a cyclist can enjoy, here are some tips you can use in order to get started on your cycling pastime.

Start Getting More Exercise

Professional cyclists are in great shape. This allows them to pedal for kilometres without slowing down. Riding a bicycle does require some stamina. If you’re looking to get started on cycling, you might wish to get in shape first. Try a few cardiovascular exercises every day after work to make sure you build up your endurance before you set out on your next cycling adventure.

Get the Right Gear

Because cycling is a sport and form of exercise, it is important that you participate safely and comfortably. Jeans and sweaters are not ideal for cycling, as these types of clothing often cause unnecessary constraints on the body when it’s trying to pedal, lean, and turn. Try buying a pair of cycling shorts and an athletic shirt to get started. This fitted clothing ensures nothing gets caught as you’re cycling down the path.

You should also wear the proper safety gear. For cycling, a helmet is recommended. Helmets save hundreds of lives every year, and while cycling is not an extreme sport, safety is always better.

Go Somewhere Fun

Cycling allows the rider to check out the beautiful scenery as he or she pedals along mountain trails, parks, the beach, or the countryside. If you’d like to enjoy your cycling pastime somewhere exotic, you can book cycling holidays by Hooked on Cycling and enjoy the great outdoors somewhere else.

Upgrade Your Bike

Bike technology is advancing each year. Bicycles are getting lighter, easier to use, faster, and more durable. If you have a really old bike but you’re looking to invest in your new hobby, try a new bike. This does not mean you have to spend thousands of pounds and get one of the bicycles used in the Tour de France. However, the more you spend, the longer your new bike will last.

Unsure of what kind of bicycle to purchase? There are several different types of bicycles and they are all used for different purposes. If you would like to ride off-road, try a mountain bike. If paved, flat surfaces are your speed, you can try an old-school beach cruiser. If you like taking the surface streets and going fast, you might try a racing bike used in competitive cycling. Each bike has its own features, so be sure you do the research before you buy.