The Wonderful Ruins Of Angkor Wat

I didn’t make it to Angkor Wat this trip, but I was there in 2007. I’d hoped to go back — not because the ruins are different or because I wanted to deal with the larger crowds. No, I just wanted to take pictures with a better camera. But since I didn’t get do that, I decided to show you the wonder and beauty of Angkor Wat with some older photos instead. Luckily, photos of it are timeless, even if the lenses that take them change. The ruins don’t change. Even though these photos won’t win any awards, they’ll give you a sense at how incredible and breathtaking the place is. Enjoy!

The walkway to Angkor Wat


The outer wall to one of the many temples

Keeping watch

The face of Jayavarman VII at Bayon ruins

Just another old temple

A monk gazes out onto the ruins

Angkor Wat temple

The jungle devours Ta Phrom ruins


More Ta Prohm ruins, made famous in the movie Tomb Raider

Ta Phrom in black and white

The hallway to nowhere

The jungle slowly eats away at the temples

A ruined gateway