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The Top 7 Things to Do in High Wycombe

Visit High Wycombe for spectacular journey coaches in High Wycombe

You may be obsessed about traveling because of your personal interest in viewing different destinations and sites in the world with splendid monuments and locations. For all those traveling enthusiasts we would like to mention about High Wycombe that is situated in UK, the city is located at 5 miles distance from the M40 that is within reach of UK’s motorway system. Heathrow airport is only forty minutes away from the High Wycombe and is easily accessible for the sightseeing tours or night visits to the theaters. If you want to explore High Wycombe then you can benefit from Coaches in High Wycombe that can take you to any location of the city making your journey comfortable. We have been serving the tourists for more than twenty-three years and our most popular service consists of serving the clients who want to hire our coaches privately. When you obtain our services from us you will find out why we offer the best packages in the town. Therefore, we will tell you how you can obtain our services to visit seven most spectacular locations in the High Wycombe. Continue reading to find out more.

High Wycombe

View the house of Victorian Prime Minister

  1. Visit the house of Victorian Prime Minister at his extraordinary country home called Hughenden Manor. You can view the belongings of Benjamin Disraeli to view his belongings. You can always book a trip with Coach hire heathrow.

house of Victorian Prime Minister

Visit Roald Dahl Museum near High Wycombe

  1. You can make a memorable trip to the Roald Dahl Museum to see the most extraordinary artifacts of the Victorian times. The visitors can also view the Story Center that is highly acclaimed family museum situated near the Great Missenden and paying the tribute to highly creative children’s author.

Roald Dahl Museum near High Wycombe

Reach the marketplace for the leisure trip with coaches in High Wycombe

  1. You can also obtain the services of Cliff’s coaches to visit the town center that has some splendid sites like town center that has beautiful Georgian architecture, including one of the most visited Little Market House and view the exceptional Guildhall. There is a marketplace in the high street from the medieval times. You can still obtain farmer’s produce and goods for your utilization.

leisure market place

Visit the National Trust’s West Wycombe Park

  1. History and world heritage enthusiasts should also view National Trust’s West Wycombe Park that includes a spectacular suburban house located in forty five acres of highly decorated lawns consisting of extraordinary views of the Chilterns countryside.

West Wycombe Park

Spend your time in viewing the Mayor Making ceremony

  1. High Wycombe is the only town that has an honor of that has a tradition of weighing it mayors in the yearly ceremony of Mayor Making. The tradition was commenced to make sure that the mayor was not becoming fat because of the taxpayer’s money.

Mayor Making ceremony

Make your trips memorable by visiting Chilterns Countryside

  1. If you want to spend time in comfortable environment after the busy shopping trip, you can always visit splendid Chilterns Countryside that lies on the boundaries of High Wycombe on all the sides. Located on the south of Buckinghamshire, trip to High Wycombe can offer an excellent opportunity to view one of the historically popular sites of the London.

visiting Chilterns Countryside

Discover England’s heritage by visiting chalk mines

  1. You can also head to almost three hundred feet underground chalk mine that is non functional, located at the Hell Fire Caves. You can visit all the important sites in the High Wycombe by obtaining the services of transportation companies. The transportation companies can make your trips convenient by offering comfortable coaches facilitating your journeys to all the mentioned locations.

visiting chalk mines

All these locations can be viewed by the tourists at different times of the year making High Wycombe a highly visited location of UK. We guarantee that you will be awe struck by the different sites and monuments you view in the High Wycombe city. Therefore you should visit the High Wycombe for the one of most brilliant trips of your life. You will be inspired by the outstanding service of the tourism industry at the High Wycombe.