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The Best Way To See Italy

Italy. A hugely popular tourist destination for visitors from all parts of the world. Whether you are a student backpacker, a retiree, a family or an executive, this beautiful country has something for everyone. But what is the best way to tour Italy? Should you opt for a luxury, privately guided Italy tour, day tours, a large group bus tour, or forget a tour group altogether and do it on your own?

When spending large amounts of money on travel, particularly when your trip could be a once in a lifetime experience, it is vital that you plan your trip to accommodate all your needs and to allow you to see everything you desire. The problem for many travellers now is the sheer amount of choices on offer and it is really hard to ascertain which option is most suitable. So what is the answer? Well it really depends on who you are and what you desire on a holiday.

Recently, an independent review was conducted looking at different modes of touring Italy. Travellers to Italy who had utilised different travel models reviewed the pros and cons of each in terms of suitability for themselves and others. Reviewers included users of luxury private tours, those who had taken bus tours, day tour travellers and travellers who had not arranged a tour at all. The findings were interesting and suggested that all modes are viable options but it depends on the demographic of the travellers.


Those who had visited Italy independently reported mixed findings but overall more cons were identified. Pros were identified as having the freedom to do what you like, and not having to deal with other travellers, however negative factors included getting frequently lost, spending more money than you would in a package deal, not having a translator on hand, and generally lack of local education. Those who enjoyed this type of tour tended only to be more frequent visitors to Italy or bilingual travellers. Overall this mode of travel is therefore not recommended for first time visitors – it seems a tour guide of some type is considered a necessity.

In terms of users of bus tours, they proved to be highly popular amongst younger, less affluent travellers but less popular with families and older wealthier travellers. The main benefits of bus tours were identified as affordability and the opportunity to meet new people but they were not considered to be particularly family friendly nor suitable for those wanting a comfortable luxurious style holiday.

Family groups included in this review tended towards day tours as the best option. They offered the flexibility of not always being tied to a tour group schedule whilst still giving a guided experience of Italy’s main attractions. Day tours were also popular amongst younger travellers although considered less affordable than bus tours. They were also thought by several to be too generic and in some cases prone to last minute cancellations.

Finally privately guided tours of Italy were reviewed and the feedback on these was extremely positive. The only factor that prevented many people from opting for grand tours of this type was the price – they are definitely targeted at the more affluent traveller. The benefits of these Italian limousine tours were however numerous – not surprising as these type of tours specialise in luxury and offer boutique accommodation, private chauffeured vehicles and fine dining – they simply offer their clients the best of everything.

Italian limousine tours

So there really is something for everyone therefore before travelling to Italy, factors worth consideration are how well you know the country (would you manage without a guide?) the amount of money you are willing to spend (can you afford to pay more for higher quality), and the needs of the group you are travelling with. Whatever your decision, rest assured you will be amazed by everything this magnificent destination has to offer.