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You Should Be Staying at a Water Chalet

You might not know what a water chalet is, but you should seriously consider one for your next holiday. Beach holidays are some of the best ways to spend your time away from work and the daily grind. A water chalet gives you the opportunity to experience the beach in a way that you might have never experienced it.

What Is a Water Chalet?

The term chalet comes from the mountain houses that farmers in Northern Europe keep. They would move their cattle up the mountain to stay around their chalets for the good grazing ground. Then, when the snow started to come in, they would move back to lower ground. That meant that the chalets would sit unused during the snowy months; eventually, skiers and snowboarders started renting out those empty chalets to spend time hitting the slopes. A water chalet has a similar type of history.

They are based on the chalets of Northern Europe but instead of being built in the mountains, they are built over water. They are designed with rustic looks and modern amenities. You can find out about this attractive chalet in Malaysia before you book your next holiday.

Staying Over Water

Most chalets are built out over the water. They’re built on stilts so that they can actually be in the middle of the water. This gives you several unprecedented opportunities. In many cases, you can even go swimming right from your chalet. They will have ladders or diving points where you can jump right into the water. Also, many chalets employ glass floors in certain sections so that you can see the sea below you.

The glass floors are most common in open-concept bathrooms and in restaurants. You can see the deep blue waters of Malaysia underneath your feet and the incredibly diverse sea life.

Fun for Everyone

A water chalet is a great choice because they provide you with a diversity of activities that you can take part in. Activities on the water are very diverse in the people they can appeal to. Tubing has long been a favourite with children. Jetskis and parasailing are also great fun for kids. Many adults like wakeboarding, surfing, skimboarding, and other more challenging sports. The number of activities that you can do on the water makes any holiday to the beach a great choice for an entire family. A water chalet just puts you that much closer to the water.


The food at and around a water chalet is going to be some of the freshest and most exciting seafood that you’ve ever tasted. It’s a simple fact that seafood is fresher the closer you get to the source. So, when you are looking for great seafood, some of the best will be close to the water.

Also, that freshness and opportunity attracts some of the best chefs. They will flock to water chalets and the surrounding areas to be able to practice their craft with the best seafood possible.

A chalet on the water is a great way to spend your holiday; you can relax by the water or you can engage in adventurous sports. The choice is yours.