London Luxury Gyms
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Stay Fit And Healthy Visiting Top London Luxury Gyms

Staying Fit is one common dream for all but we actually don’t have enough time to keep ourselves fit and healthy. In London, many lack the interest to discover the right gym for them to get trained under expert’s guidance. Many are not aware that this city acts as a house to some of the most luxurious and top-rated gyms in the world. Before you go for a gym membership, it is must for you to take a note of the list of top 10 London luxury gyms.


We have at No 1 Equinox. This is a popular gym of the city which is hot favorite among celebrities. There is no doubt that this gym has become a one-stop destination for those who want to remain fit and healthy using the best gym facilities. This gym is positioned at the center of Kensington and all modern amenities are available here. Equinox welcomes members from all class of the society and that what makes it a preferred name of the industry.

Central YMCA Gym:

The branch of YMCA Gym has become popular among the people in London because it offers absolute luxury at a highly competitive price. This gym is well facilitated with all modern accessories and trainers here offer adequate support to all members for a great experience.

Aegis Training:

We have Aegis Training at No 3. Once you take membership, the trainers here will do the complete assessment of you and will accordingly arrange the program which will best suit your physical requirement. It is known for offering best bespoke training in the city.

The Palace:

Those who want to stay always fit in a creative way, for them The Place emerged as a one-stop destination. If we call it just a gym then that will be a wrong as it’s mainly a powerhouse who is dedicated for dance development and helps you staying fit in a creative way.

The Third Space:

If you are looking for a gym, which offers training at reasonable price visit “The Third Space”? Here you will get the chance to explore too many exercises and that too at reasonable price


GYM BOX has emerged as one of the most interesting centers for fitness near to LSA. This center is well facilitated with all modern and advanced accessories.

Portobello Green:

Among luxurious fitness centers, Portobello Green appears at Number 7 in our list and is a popular choice for wealthy community of London. The crowd is good here and will encourage to gym harder.

Reebok Sports Club:

You will be surprised to know that this health club houses deli and a bar. Enjoy healthy juices and drinks for perfect body toning. Join here to exercise with healthy drinks.

Swiss Cottage Leisure Center:

Among top ten fitness centers in London, Swiss Cottage Leisure Center falls at No 9 in this list. After undergoing huge redevelopment, this center has become extremely popular in recent days. Good equipments are sure a plus point for this center.

Bikram yoga:

There are many fitness centers in London, but the only yoga center which has become extremely popular is Bikram Yoga North. This center also offers exclusive treatment for health and wellness for offering a healthy lifestyle to people.