Travel Tips

How to Select the Perfect Accommodation for your Holiday

Selecting the ideal accommodation can help make or break that long awaited for holiday. Some of the best solutions for holiday lodgings include hotels, resorts, lodges, and holiday rentals. Hotels or resorts routinely offer the most amenities and services to visitors. Most places offer the best service that they can provide, to ensure that their guests have a memorable experience and may even return some time in the future. So, let’s have a little look and make your holiday a happy one, with a 6 key points when deciding where to stay.

1 – Read reviews from previous guests – make sure to read some independent reviews before you make a booking, because promotional brochures and websites for accommodation, may not always give you the full picture. It is nice to look at the accommodation’s website for its beautiful pictures and all of its facilities, but what a customer should really be checking out also, are the previous guests reviews. What could be better and more informative than testimony from other guests who have already stayed in the accommodation?

2 – Neighbourhood – The main thing that any traveller will take into consideration before anything else, is the location. You should be asking yourself: is the accommodation located outside of a city? Is it near any monuments and tourist spots? Is there a beach?  How far is it from the airport? Does it connect to train and bus stations? Great location is essential and for those out there looking for Blue Mountains luxury accommodation, you’re only a click or two away from a great place to stay.

3 – Cost – Costs for accommodation can vary from place to place. This may depend on where you want to stay, is it scenic? Is it near or far from tourist areas?  A decent price can make all the difference to one’s stay, especially when everything else feels just perfect.

4 – Quality of room – Yes, everybody wants that room to be in pristine condition, so take a look to see if the room is clean, efficient and not in disrepair, and then choose if it has the conditions that you requires during your stay.

5 – Wi-Fi – Not that long ago, Wi-Fi wasn’t something that travellers really cared about when booking accommodation. But these days, when everyone is connected 24/7 on smartphones, laptops and tablets and on Facebook, Twitter and more, it is something found everywhere.

6 – Accommodation facilities – It might be the parking, the breakfast, the room service, swimming pool, the bathroom, radio or TV channels available, depending on your desires. All good accommodation will supply guests with towels and linen. Other amenities include an in-room mini bar, a coffee and tea maker as well as small bottles of shampoo and lotion. Restaurant and room service and food delivery from the kitchen, are a standard amenity

So, hope that helps, good luck, happy hunting and have a great holiday!