San Blas Islands
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Reasons for Having Sailing Trips in San Blas Islands

Are you a busy person living in a busy city working from morning till evening? So boring! Isn’t it? You might have been looking for a way to escape from this exhausting grind and spend some time in boosting your energy. If so, then you must go out to a place far from the hustle and bustle of city life where you can have a relaxing time with nature. For this purpose, there is nothing better than the archipelago of Panama – San Blas.

San Blas Archipelago in Panama is the home of 365 islands that have untouched, clean and fresh beauty. Once you step in to the series of these scenic islands you will see the refreshing white-sand beaches welcoming you with the pride of their uniqueness. The inhabitants of these San Blas islands are Kuna Indians, also known as Guna Yala. The different tribal families of these inhabitants own each of the island and they live by boating and fishing in the vast sea.

Sailing Trips in San Blas

There are various reasons for having sailing trips in San Blas Islands of Panama. Have a look below.

The Best Place of Digital Detox

While you are packing for your trip to San Blas islands it would be better to leave your laptops and all those gadgets at your place because you will not have wifi there. It is good in a way that you are visiting the islands for the peace of your mind and if you will take all that stuff with you it is not going to help you. If you want to take pictures then enjoying taking them as much as you want to share them on social media when you return home. But as long as you stay there don’t even think of going near that exhausting stuff and enjoy yourself with fresh coconuts.

Relaxing Shades of Palms

No wifi, no business matters and nothing else to disturb a wonderful tour so, relaxing is the number one option to do at San Blas islands. Don’t forget to take your favorite sunblock as the temperature there is always above 20 degrees Celsius. You can buy anything you need from the local sellers there and enjoy more. You can have a good rest as well as a good picnic lunch in the shiny sunny day at San Blas islands.

365 Islands – Great Chance of Island Hopping

Since there are over 365 islands in San Blas Archipelago so, it would not be fair with the beauty of these islands if you go and come back without hopping. There are different companies who focus on this kind of adventures. You can stay there as long as you want in the small houses i.e. family-run casitas that are open for the visitors.

Learn About Guna Yala

Travelling motivates you to learn about the culture of the place you are travelling in. Similarly, when you visit San Blas islands, the indigenous people of San Blas islands attract your thoughts to learn about them. The people of these islands are called Guna Yala and also Kuna Indians. The community of these Guna Yalas is proud as they have their own traditions, norms as well as their laws which are different from Panama also. Their appearance is also different from other parts of the world. They initially used to decorate their bodies with colorful designs and few clothes but after the arrival of Europeans they started wearing woven molas that is still part of their culture. Their history starts around 500 years ago and they started settling in San Blas around 1800. Until 1940s tourists were not allowed to visit here but now you can visit San Blas and enjoy its beauty for as long as you want. The lucky you!

Bliss for Adventurers

With a large number of charming islands San Blas Archipelago is the heaven for adventure seekers. You can enjoy spending your time in exploring the sparkling waters of the islands by swimming, fishing and island hopping. Boating will also be a good experience for you. Thus, there are many ways to enjoy your visit at San Blas islands and relax yourself.

Enjoy the Journey to San Blas

On your way, you will see that the way towards San Blas Archipelago is not a straight road. It involves ups and downs of valleys and mountains, so it is a journey in itself. You will need a 4×4 conveyance to reach your destination. From Panama City it will take almost 2.5 hours to reach the port where you can get a water taxi to reach your island spot. So, enjoy your vacations in fascinating San Blas Islands.