Are You Planning to Visit Bayan Baru Penang?

If you plan to visit Malaysia, your visit will not be complete without visiting Bayan Baru Penang. Bayan Baru is a township that is situated in the southwest part of the Penang Island District in Malaysia. The town is often visited as it is located near the international airport. It is also a place that is well worth exploring as you can find a number of historical sites and activities to visit.

When you land in Bayan Baru, you will find that the place is home to a number of shopping malls, hospitals, and eateries. It is also a great place to find hotel accommodation. The area, which was once prone to flooding, is now one of the more rapidly developing locales in Penang.

Visiting the Attractions

You will also find that you can choose from a number of attractions from which to see. One of the popular sites is Snake Temple. So, you do not want to be too squeamish about seeing snakes as they are actually found in the temple. In fact, the structure is filled with snakes coiling around vases and pillars.

When you book hotel near Bayan Baru Penang, you will also want to make plans to visit the Queensbay Mall. The mall, which features an arcade centre, also contains a number of outlets that offer high-end items and clothing at affordable prices.

Jerejak Island

If you love the outdoors, you will not regret your visit to Bayan Baru. During your stay, take a one-day trip to Jerejak Island, which is an off-isle from Penang. The location features a natural environment that is characterised by unique plants and animals. For example, you can see such creatures as monitor lizards and eagles. So, if you want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, you will want to plan to see this getaway.

Penang itself features about the same warm climate and weather that is highlighted in other areas of Malaysia. However, because Penang is an island, the temperature is normally higher than that of the mainland. In fact, temperatures on Penang can jump as high as 35 degrees Celsius. During the day, the temperature ranges from 29 degrees Celsius to 35 degrees Celsius and drops to around 26 degrees Celsius in the evening time.

When to See Penang

If you want to avoid the hottest part of the year, do not schedule a trip during June to August. However, if you want to avoid the rain, then do not plan a trip from April to May or from October to November as these months represent the wettest times of the year. Otherwise, the weather is hot and sunny and the landscape is beautiful.

When you arrive in Penang, enjoy a full cultural experience by taking a trishaw and touring Georgetown. Georgetown is notable as it has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Also, you will want to make sure to sample the various foods in Bayan Baru. Unwind at the BatuFerringhi beach whilst taking in the scenery. Whether you are active or relaxing, you will enjoy spending time on this beautiful and memorable isle.