Naples Italy

Places Not To Miss While Experiencing Sightseeing Tours In Naples Italy

To the extent those Italian adages go, Naples appears to embody them all as the home of pizza, gelato, mandolin playing performers and the entrancing, rust-red volcano, Vesuvius. Begin to expose what is underneath, notwithstanding, and this is a city, which is largely immaculate by current tourism, with a lot of art and history in its atmosphere and the incredible culture of food. Our sightseeing tours in Naples Italy give you the opportunity to experience all.

Why be with us

Positano Limo Service is committed to arrange for you safe, enjoyable and comfortable sightseeing tours in Naples Italy. We provide the highest standard of transfer service that helps in exploring the stunning city of Naples in a convenient way. With our professional transfer service and an experienced English-speaking driver, private guide, you will be able to witness the incredible natural beauty and feel the legendary hospitality.

The places that you need to be

There are various places, which are included in our sightseeing tours in Naples Italy. Here we have jotted some, which you should not miss.

Ancient site of Pompeii

A visit to Pompeii is necessary which in 79 AD was devastated by the catastrophic eruption of Mount Vesuvius.  You also need to visit Garden of the Fugitives where the plaster figures of those who died then are showcased showing the moments of death. This UNESCO World Heritage Site draws some 2.5 million visitors every year, to wander through its stone streets, admire the frescos in the Villa Dei Misteri and Casa del Centenario, and view its ancient temples.

Crater of Mount Vesuvius

Mount Vesuvius has a brooding nearness in Naples – wherever you go, you cannot miss its iconic level top, which gleams rust red at dusk and rules the coastline. We are capable of arranging for you the best transfers service and reliable guide to provide an authentic travel experience during the sightseeing tours in Naples Italy.

Eating street food

Naples was the city, which created the pizza – and you cannot stroll far in its climatic avenues without seeing a road food merchant or all out pizzeria attempting to entice you with what may be the best pizza on the planet. Try to have some during the sightseeing tours in Naples Italy.

Visit the Veiled Church

Napoli has some unbelievable museums and galleries, including one of the world’s best collections of Greek and Roman antiquities at the National Archaeological Museum of Naples. Visit the stately monastery complex at the National Museum of San Martino, just outside the city, with breathtaking views of Naples during the sightseeing tours in Naples Italy.

So, if you desire to have such exciting sightseeing tours in Naples Italy then it is a must that you be with us.