How to Make Valentine’s Day Special on a Budget

February 14th is coming up fast, and if you’re a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife, it’s probably time to begin planning a romantic evening or excursion with your beloved. Although many couples simply opt for dinner and a movie, or an expensive gift like a necklace or brooch, these options may not be available to you if you’re operating on a shoestring budget. Here are a few alternative Valentine’s Day activity suggestions for the financially challenged.

Explore Nature

Depending on where you live, February might be a beautiful month for hiking or a trip to the river or lake. Being outside doesn’t cost a cent, and even the nicest campgrounds and swimming holes usually only cost under $10 a person. If you’re living in colder climes still in the grip of winter, don’t fret: ice skating on a frozen pond or snowshoeing through snowy glades can both be very romantic activities. Even if you have to rent skates or snowshoes, the entire date won’t cost over $30. Add in $10 for a nice bottle of wine and some hot cocoa by the fire, and you’ve got yourself a wonderful evening for a fraction of the cost of tapas at some fancy restaurant.

Make Lunch Plans

The lunch menus at nice restaurants usually offer substantial discounts from the dinner menu, even though they are composed of foods made from the same ingredients. Going for lunch offers you a chance to bargain hunt at places that you could usually never afford; show up early with flowers, and make sure that you tell your boss you’ll work extra hours if he or she will let you take a long lunch.

Make Dinner and Drinks at Home

We all have that Chicken Tikka Masala recipe that we’re just dying to try out, and most of us have dabbled in amateur bartending (or at least drinking too much!). Why not combine those pursuits into a special night for your significant other? Mood lighting, a three course menu, a clean white tablecloth and excellent drinks can decouple the price tag from the quality of the night. Find out what his or her favorite expensive drink is and practice making it for the whole week beforehand. You might not be able to perfect it, but the effort will not go unnoticed or unrewarded.

Spend the Holiday with Friends

Valentine’s Day is often assumed to be a holiday intended for twosomes, but don’t we love our friends as well? Get together and show everyone what they mean to you by organizing a board game night, or a potluck dinner. There is no better way to appreciate the people around you than by showing them how much you care.

Valentine’s Day can be a crowded time on the roads, with everyone zipping around to restaurants, bars, and board game nights. If you don’t feel like driving or parking, and you’ve already saved some money on Valentine’s Day plans, why not use Celebrity Limo’s car service? Give us a call, and spend your day of love being driven around by our highly trained chauffeurs in a luxurious, well-maintained vehicle.