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The Main Reasons Why People Travel to Stavanger

The first images that cross the minds of people when they are asked to describe Norway are those of Fjords, mountains, glaciers, and a vast expanse of coastline. But tourists have started to realize now that Norway is much more than this stereotype as it is a country having a rich and diverse cultural heritage and history. Stavanger is one such urban place in Norway that has started to receive the attention of the tourists in recent times. It is the 4th most populous city of Norway that lies in southwest Norway in Stavanger Peninsula.

It is home to the oil industry

Stavanger belongs to a large metropolitan area and is home to the big oil industry that contributes a high percentage of exports from Norway. Stavanger is vastly different from cities like Oslo and Bergen in terms of landscapes that it offers to the visiting tourists.  Also called Norway’s Oil City, Stavanger has been twinned with cities like Houston and Aberdeen.

A beautiful mix of old and the modern architecture

You will not find many skyscrapers in Stavanger even though it has got modern architecture. The outskirts of the city are more modern than its pristine downtown that still retains the old world charm of cobbled streets and small shops and restaurants. It also boasts of some very beautiful wooden homes in the whole of Norway. Stavanger has the headquarters of the biggest oil exploration company of Norway called StatOil. Oil boom in Stavanger has led to a sprawl in the suburbs with property prices increasing exorbitantly.

There is a lot to see and do in Stavanger and it is because of these attractions that the number of tourists arriving in Stavanger is increasing with each passing year.

Visit the Oil Museum

Do not forget to visit this amazing oil museum when you are in Stavanger. You can see for yourself the equipment used for exploration and drilling as well as a mock tail platform here. Interesting audio visual systems are used to provide authentic information to the visitors.

Oil Museum

Canning museum

You would love to see the exhibits in this small but very interesting museum in Stavanger if you are a lover of arts and culture.

Old Stavanger

This is the historic part of the city that has preserved the old wooden houses and the cobbled streets. You will be pleasantly surprised to experience the old world charm of the 18th and 19th century Stavanger here.

There are also Stavanger Cathedral and art museums to spend some time when in Stavanger.

Exciting activities in the outdoors

If you are fond of outdoor activities, hiking and climbing are two thrilling activities that you can indulge in to experience the fascinating landscape of the surrounding areas of Stavanger. There is also Solastranden (Sola Beach) to have some fun in the water. You can also climb the famous Pulpit Rock which is a massive 600 meter high cliff located close to Stavanger.

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