Luna Hammock Chair Stand- Hiking & Camping Gear Guide

If you need to be convinced that the simplest things in life are the ones that can bring you the most pleasure, just take a look at a hammock. This is a very simple seating device made from very basic materials. It is usually large enough to lie down on and it can accommodate the length and weight of a full-grown adult.

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Traditionally, a hammock needs two mounting posts (usually tree branches). With the creation of hammock chairs (smaller versions of full-length hammocks), this is no longer necessary. All you need is a Luna Hammock chair stand.

This hammock stand doesn’t come with its own set. On one hand, this is a disadvantage if you don’t own a hammock seat already; on the other, however, it gives customers the advantage of not having to pay the full price of a brand-new hammock chair set if only the stand needs replacing. For a lesser price, you can have full use of your hammock chair once again with a Luna Hammock chair stand.


Sturdy and Functional Design

A hammock chair stand must be able to support not just the weight of the occupant but also the motions of the hammock chair. There are hammock stands that look so unstable and easy to topple that you’ll think twice of rocking the hammock too fast or too wide.

You’ll get no such qualms with the Luna Hammock chair stand. It is a sturdy steel frame designed to grant optimum movement for the hammock. The triangular stand bends at an angle and the top part inclines a little bit more towards the ground. It has a hook at the tip where the hammock chair is hung. The legs descend to a square-shaped base with the steel bar running smoothly on three sides. It is 2-2.4 meters tall and 1.45 x 1.2 meters big.

The square base establishes a wide center of gravity for the Luna Hammock chair stand. It serves as a sturdy base that will support the rocking movements of the hammock chair without toppling the stand over.

Strong and Durable

At first glance the frame of the Luna Hammock chair stand looks thin, but this is powder-coated steel we’re talking about. It is very strong and can carry as much as 240 lbs.

Easy to Assemble

A Luna Hammock chair stand is very easy to assemble. There’s no need to take out screwdrivers, hammers and other tools, follow complicated diagrams, confusing illustrations, and deal with numerous bolts and screws.

Assembling the hammock stand is pretty straightforward. Just connect all five steel bars in their proper positions and lock them tight with the built-in connecting rings.


The Luna Hammock chair stand is one of the most portable and moveable hammock stands there is. Some hammock stands, like those made from wood, are too heavy to move around. The Luna Hammock chair stand only weighs 24 kilograms. You can easily move it from the porch and down to the lawn, or around the garden.

With the Luna Hammock chair stand, you can get maximum comfort with minimum effort in set-up and maintenance.