Love Can Conquer Brexit

This Romanian startup is threatening to disrupt the dating industry with their new concept.

It seems that Brexit came somehow unexpected for some people and although the economics say it should not have happened, it did. Now the consequences are various – from a rise of xenophobic attacks in London to the massive drop of the British Pound, instability in the Kingdom and so on.

In the meantime in the far east side of EU, a group of young Romanians say they have a solution to the problem.

We sympathize with the over two million signatories to the petition for a second referendum and understand your plight. We know that you are heartbroken, apprehensive and frustrated. Fret not all you Brexit left in the lurchers’, help is at hand. Logic is simple: if you can’t be in Europe, then bring Europe home.

Love is the only thing that stopped wars, destroyed empires, created peace and changed the world. There is nothing more powerful than love. And using nothing but love, we can keep a strong connection between UK and the EU.


Love is one thing Nigel Farage can’t ban!” is what Date a Romanian startup is stating on their official website

They came with a new, simple, and disruptive dating concept that does not involve creating accounts and profiles, sending messages and so on (unlike the traditional dating sites) and launch it right on time for the British gentlemen that voted remain and do like immigrants, especially female ones.

In order to find a girlfriend to any interested man, they follow a simple process: they publish an article in a Romanian newspaper with the story of a gentleman, advising the interested women to contact the person if they are interested. After this, they advertise the story to the ladies and the result is guarantee they say, even offering a full refund and extra money if one is not satisfied with the service.

Additionally, they offer accommodation, flights and car for a week to their potential customers – and to be honest the whole trip can be cheaper than spending a week in London.

Will this be the next big thing in the dating industry? Will this make the difference in this Brexit fiasco? Only time can tell…

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