Looking for an Exotic Locale? Try North Vietnam as Your Next Getaway

If you’re reading this, you’re likely looking for something a bit out of the ordinary, right?  After all, just about everyone thinks about the Bahamas or Hawaii, but who thinks of going to North Vietnam? You do! Because you’re the sort who loves the adventurous and extraordinary. Or else you wouldn’t be reading this article.

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But if you’re intrigued by the idea of North Vietnam and have never been, you’d best be thinking about a tour site that can help you arrange it so that your first time is amazing. You can do a Google search, or you can go directly here. Viet Bamboo Travel at northvietnamtravel.com is one of the top sites for arranging various types of tours throughout the northern sector of one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

About Viet Bamboo Travel

Viet Bamboo Travel has a wide range of tours available, from regular tour packages, to those that are sports-oriented, such as golf, trekking (hiking) and biking tours. The tour prices—especially those involving cruises, are not quite as expensive as those you’d find via the major cruise lines, so if you want to take an exotic cruise without your budget being stretched too thin, try a cruise with Viet Bamboo Travel.

For example, a tour on one of the newest wooden junk ships along Halong Bay for three days and two nights, even at the most expensive ticket price for a single President Suite, will only cost you $946 USD. And that’s during the peak summer months of May-September. It’s cheaper during January through April and October through December. There are other cabin grades at lower prices, of course, and peak and off-peak prices apply to those cabin grades as well.

Other  Tours

Viet Bamboo Travel’s website includes amazing photos that will help you decide which tour to pick, if your budget is wide open as is your personal time, and you can’t quite make up your mind. Just to help you get started, though, they have a wonderful 6 day-5-night “Impressions of North Vietnam” tour that includes train rides, a short cruise as well as trekking around part of the country, among other fun activities.

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With this tour, it’s not completely guided. You can go off on your own during parts of the tour and are guided during other parts. This tour is relatively budget-friendly: $635/person at a five-star-class level for two people is the tour’s most expensive price, not including souvenir money, gratuities, drinks or other excluded expenses.

You start and end the tour in Hanoi, and along the way, you’ll be journeying through some of the most scenic views north Vietnam has to offer. At the start of your tour, you’ll also experience a Water Puppets show, and on the second day, have a relaxing picnic by a stream. Day 3 includes taking a walk across a hanging bridge and having a lovely dinner before taking the night train back to Hanoi.

On day four, you’ll check into a wooden junk ship and leave from Hanoi, sailing along Halong Bay, enjoying a delicious seafood lunch and later in the afternoon do some sightseeing around the area villages, schools and so on. Then on Day 5, it’s time to sail back to Hanoi, seeing various sites such as the mysterious Sung Sot cave, as well as a stopover in Dong Trieu to visit a ceramics shop.

These are just the basic highlights of the tour, but it’s among the most comprehensive tours that Viet Bamboo offers for the price. If you’re just starting out with your travels in Southeast Asia, this tour really should be at the top of your list when choosing to visit Vietnam.

Seasoned travelers already know this, but you’ll need your passport with you when going on any of the cruise tours. It’s part of the check-in process, for starters, and it never hurts to have your passport on you in case you arrive anyplace that requires a form of ID to use any type of credit card. It does happen, and it’s just good travel policy anyway.


If you take a good look at the photos on the Viet Bamboo Travel site, it’s not hard to see why north Vietnam is one of the most beautiful places on Earth you could ever visit. On top of this, the prices are quite reasonable for people who want to engage in global travel but have to make a budget plan anyway. And of course, there are the sports-oriented tours you can take, if that’s your passion. Other people go for a more comprehensive experience, such as what is offered in the 6-day-5-night tour mentioned above.

Whatever your reasons for visiting Vietnam and booking a tour, give Viet Bamboo Travel a try. You’ll be glad you did.