Laos: The Hidden Gem of Southeast Asian Vacation Destinations

One of the most fun elements of a vacation is that spirit of adventure. It is, after all, part of why you choose to vacation somewhere else as opposed to “stay”-cationing at home. You want to go out and see new places, to partake in that age-old spirit of adventure, “to boldly go where no one has gone before,” or, at the very least, go somewhere different from the same old locales you’ve heard your friends go on and on about. Your vacation is going to be different, and that means seeking out somewhere different.

And Asian vacation destinations don’t come any bolder or more strikingly unique than the beautiful nation of Laos.

The only landlocked nation in Southeast Asia, you’d be forgiven for overlooking it at first when set against its far larger neighbours. However, it is in part for that very reason that Laos is actually one of Asia’s best-kept vacation secrets. It’s a lush little lap of luxurious nature and Buddhist art and culture just waiting for you to explore! Here are just a few things to keep in mind when planning Laos tours.

A Natural Paradise

One of Southeast Asia’s great assets as a vacation destination is, of course, the fact that it’s absolutely gorgeous. There are few places on Earth that can compete with the lush feeling of life you get from the water, marshes, and greenery everywhere.

Laos is at the centre of it all and, unlike its more massive and industrialised neighbours, can still boast a natural landscape which is comparatively pristine. If you prize beautiful landscapes in your vacation destinations, you can’t go wrong with a trip through the Laotian rivers.

A Buddhist Paradise

One of Laos’s great claims to fame is its integral place as one of the great centres of Buddhist art and culture in the Southeast. There are numerous temples throughout the country worth visiting, many of which are quite old and can boast an impressive history. The most famous and one of the most visited cities in Laos is Luang Prabang, which is home to the Phra Bang Buddha, an immaculate bronze statue of the Buddha that is one of the most holy and rarefied treasures in the entire nation. That alone makes Laos a must-see destination for anyone interested in Buddhist art and culture in general and its place in Southeast Asia in particular.

Fantastic Food

One of the best-kept secrets in all of Asian cuisine, Laotian cooking is not to be missed! You’ll enjoy not only Laotian dishes but the whole authentic Laotian dining experience, giving you stories and recipes that’ll keep your friends craving more. From fine dining that blends the best of native Laotian tradition with the residuals of French cuisine from decades past to smaller family establishments that offer a purer Laotian dining experience, it’s one of the finest aspects of an already foodie-friendly vacation and certainly not to be missed.

Take the adventure of a lifetime and book your tour of the Laotian countryside today.