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Language Travel for Seniors

For many newly-retired persons, this new period in their lives represents a time to explore new parts of the world and learn new skills now that the daily routine of working from 9 to 5 from Monday to Friday is finally over. The freedom that comes with retirement can be a challenge to some as they struggle to adapt to the lack of routine and social contact that came with work. But for many, the new-found freedom opens up a rich world, ready to be explored. Part of that exploration may involve learning a new language, and for residents of North America, Spanish is an obvious choice with a whole southern half of the continent speaking predominatly that language. Central and South America offers a wealth of cultures and environments to explore, a rich history from pre-conquest times to colonial development and modern metropolises.

To learn Spanish a newly-retired traveller can register with a Spanish school like Yanapuma Spanish School in Ecuador. With two locations to choose from and a variety of “Study and Travel” programs, Yanapuma offers a wide range of options for the senior visitor. One school is in cosmopolitan capital city Quito while the other is in tranquil and colonial city, Cuenca. In addition, they offer the chance to travel around Ecuador with a teacher on any of ten different programs that explore different regions of the mega-diverse country – The Andes Mountains, the Amazon rain forest and cloud forests, the Pacific coast and the Galapagos Islands.

Tours to the Galapagos Islands are also arranged through Yanapuma’s own travel agency – True Ecuador Travel. Land-based island-hopping programs run from 5 to 10 days in length and lead the visitor through much of the story of evolution that has left its unique mark on these isolated islands. The hotel-based tours are ideal for older visitors, offering comfortable (and stationery!) beds in welcoming hotels, and offering the chance to wander around the small towns at night and enjoy the restaurants, cafés, ice-cream stores, and bars that offer their services to all.

Thus, Spanish classes can be the first activity of an itinerary that combines language learning with other activities, ascending to the glacier line of snow-capped volcanoes, exploring the Amazon rain forest, bird watching in the cloud forests, trekking in the Andes mountains, visiting the laid-back fishing towns of the Pacific coast, or exploring the Galapagos Islands as mentioned above.

True Ecuador Travel is happy to create itineraries for all its senior travellers, and offer tips and advice on how to put together the perfect program, whether you have just a couple of weeks or a couple of months to explore Ecuador.

One question that is frequently asked by senior visitors to Ecuador while they are just in the planning stages is regarding the health and medical facilities here. There are many excellent hospitals and health centres around the country, and while the ailing visitor will be able to claim on their health insurance against any costs incurred here, it is also important to note that costs are in general much lower than in North America. So there really is no need to hesitate in considering Ecuador as a fascinating and rewarding destination for the senior traveler.

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