Lakkam Waterfalls in Munnar

The Lakkam Waterfalls in Munnar is one of the popular tourist attractions in Kerala.  The waterfall is one of the scenic beauties in the state and attractions thousands and nature lovers from all over the country. It is a natural waterfall and has high mineral content.

The Lakkam Waterfalls in Munnar is located near the area of Marayoor, which is few kilometers away from Munnar. It is set in the midst of dense vegetation. The waterfall consists of high percentage of minerals and such is well known for its medicinal value. Lots of people bath in the waterfall. Moreover, it falls under the popular trekking route. Plenty of adventure lovers trek to this lovely waterfall and enjoy spending the day there. The trekking route is quite challenging and consists of winding routes and steep trails.

The Lakkam Waterfalls rises up to a height of about 50 feet and is around 10 to 15 feet wide. The clear water that flows down from the waterfall creates a delightful misty ambience in the region. The waterfall is surrounded by sprawling flora and the path to the waterfall is covered with small rocks and pebbles. The area near the waterfall is also a well-known picnic and recreation spot.  If you are going by car, it takes around 10 minutes to reach the waterfall.

The entire stretch of Lakkam Waterfalls in Munnar is surrounded by Vaga trees. The source of the waterfall is the Eravikulam Plateau, which can be seen at the backdrop. The place is open from 10 AM to 7 PM on all days. The Eravikulam National Park is also close by. Travelers can also buy local handicrafts and artifacts from the tribal villages nearby at reasonable rates. There are also small dining spots around the area where one can have a taste of delicious local cuisine.

Plenty of guided tours are undertaken to Lakkam Waterfalls in Munnar and other waterfalls around. Most tours start from the main town center of Munnar and are undertaken in cars or buses. Most tours are of single day. The travelers are assisted by expert guides who pass on useful information about the area. Travelers who wish to get useful information about the tour can consult the local tourist office or other private travel agencies.

In case you wish to stay at Munnar, there are lots of hotels to choose from. There are luxury hotels as well as budget hotels.