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Kitesurfing In Sardinia

Kitesurfing is one of the coolest sports in the entire universe, but the thing is, most people do not know how to do it, and some of those that do, cannot kitesurf properly and sometimes end up injuring themselves. There are a lot of health benefits one can derive from Kitesurfing but that is if you can do it properly. Some of these health benefits includes body tone, more strength and agility, breathing in fresh air, increase in concentration and co-ordination, balance improvement, relieves you of stress, boosts your immune system, increases your reaction and reflexes capacity, and so many more.


But you will only get all of these health benefits from Kitesurfing if you know how to do it properly; and to do that, you’ll need a professional Kitesurfing school that knows how to really teach the sport. That is why you need to enroll in Kitesurf Sardinia.

Kite School

Kitesurf Sardinia is a kitesurfing school located in Sardinia, Italy. We are the best when it comes to kitesurfing training. Our team of kitesurfing teachers are real professionals that have mastered the art of skysurfing. They are highly trained and experienced IKO kite instructors. Our kite school has been considered as one of the best in the entire world, indeed we are the partner of KiteWorldwide  for kitesurf holidays in Sardinia. To give our students the right training, and ensure that they become kitesurfing professionals, we make use of GoPro video clinics and radio helmets. As a matter of fact, we are the only ones using this technology in the whole of Sardinia. This is one of the reasons why we are considered as professionals and competent kite masters.


When teaching our students, we don’t just teach, we care about their safety too. We provide our students with life jackets and helmets, and we ensure that our dinghy boats are always on standby in case we need to rescue any of our students. No matter where you are from, we are ready to ensure that you become a professional in kitesurfing. We offer our kite teaching in four different languages, namely English, German, Italian, and Russian. This way, we are able to serve almost anyone and everyone who is interested in kitesurfing.

Kite Camp

We offer kite camping where you get to meet different people from different part of the world and also improve your kitesurfing skill. Kitesurf Sardinia provides you with a unique travel experience in the kite camp. You get to enjoy some really good time and have lots of fun as you will be provided with party, dinner and excursion. This way you’ll live the lifestyle of the kite school while sharing different experiences with people from different cultures with different lifestyles. Kitesurf Sardinia camp is more than fun. It’s going to be one of the best holidays you will ever have.

Kite Camps

You also get to lodge in one or more self-catering apartment, and enjoy intensive kitesurf course. You will be delighted by this holiday camp as you will hone your kitesurfing skills and also enjoy yourself to the fullest.
If it happens that the wind is too light for kitesurfing, we have other fun activities you can engage in. These activities are also going to make you enjoy your kitesurf holiday Sardinia. Our other activities include a SUP excursion around the coast of San Antioco, which is really amazing. We also do snorkeling on different beautiful beaches, we pay some visitations to the old medieval church and the museum, and we can also visit Cagliari. You will never experience a dull moment with us. Our kite holiday Sardinia, is going to be the best holiday you’ve ever had, just come on and join us.

You Really Need To Include Sardinia In Your List Of Holiday Places

If you haven’t visited Sardinia, then you are missing a great deal. Sardinia is an awesomely beautiful island country that is equipped with untouched and authentic landscapes. This wonderful place has got some food that will make you want to remain here. You’ll enjoy every bit of the food. The island is equipped with fishes from the sea, health herbs from the mountain, and vegetables and fruits that are blessed by the Mediterranean sunshine. The country is bound to make you wow as it is one filled with a lot of historical and archaeological sites. You will definitely be amazed at the kind of paradise Sardinia is.

Sardinia is also the perfect place when it comes to kitesurfing. Unlike other places like Morocco and Egypt, where you’ll be kitesurfing and it will be like you are alone in the middle of nowhere, Sardinia, Italy, is very lively and awesomely challenging. Here you have a lot of different kitesurfing spots to choose from, such as medium wave site spot, flat shallow water spot and the high size wave spot. Besides the north shore, most kite sites are not very crowded, and getting there from the main European and Italian airports, even on low cost airlines, is quite easy.

Sardinia is a place to be. Come enjoy your holidays and learn or improve on your kitesurfing skills with Kitesurf Sardinia. You will be exceptionally thrilled.