Journeying Down Under for Less

Unless you live in New Zealand, getting to Australia requires careful planning, seizing on flight deals, and making sure your documents are in order before getting to the check-in desk of any Australian-bound flight.

Hunting for great deals and cheap flights is the modern day version of hunter-gathering. You need to know when to look and how to strike to find cheap flights to Australia.

Gone are the days when all you could do was go to a travel agency to buy flights from a travel agent. For those who don’t want to hunter-gather the best flights, travel agents are there for you but read on to find out how you can get the best deals possible online, and what to do to get into Australia.

  • When to buy flights to Australia

The cheapest flights are usually found 5 months in advance. Any further in advance, the airline is going to have safe bet prices, not knowing how things might be down the line. From 5 to 3 months before your anticipated date of departure, you’ll find yourself in a window period where there are flights at good prices. You’ve just got to be ready to buy because they’re going to become pricier by the day, trust me. The last month before your desired date, it’s peak season and you’ll pay for that seat. If you have nerves of steel, on occasion, airlines might release an open seat or two – if there are any spare- on the day of the flight. This applies to domestic flights more often than not. But flying to Australia, remember, takes preparation.

  • Where to buy flights to Australia

Start by finding a good flight search engine, and tailor your search to match what you’ve decided on, whether that be direct or indirect, how many stop-overs, and even the airlines you prefer.

Once you’ve found the best deals, take note of the airline, and go directly to the source (the airline’s site) to see what their prices are. If you’ve found a good deal, buy it, or sleep on it/ wait a few days then buy it. Pondering for a week or two will leave you with fewer seats or higher prices, be warned.

  • How to pay for flights Australia

As nice as it can feel to hand over a wad of cash, it’s always been said that buying flights on a credit card can give you extra-protection against cancellation if you have extra insurance that is attached to your card.

  • How to avoid being refused entry

Ensure your passport has more than six months on it, and that if you need a visa, you have one. If you haven’t thought of that, please contact your local Australian embassy.

Do not travel with any drug that you’ve checked is not accepted by Australia, and by that, I mean medication, not recreational drugs, which are not welcome at all. Filling in the customs form accurately is essential. If you’re one of the lucky ones whose bags get checked, as long as you have declared (on that little slip they give you) all that you may legally enter Australia with, you should have no problems.

Journeying down under for less than an arm and a leg is possible without having to travel for 4 days. You’ll usually be able to fly at a lower cost if you’re willing to travel for 56 hours, but are you really comfortable to stopover for long periods? Thanks to the net, and search engine sites, we can get better prices online at home than in a travel agency. The best price on a flight to Australia means a good price combined with the shortest travel time possible. With some careful planning, it is possible!