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How We Hacked The Dating Game

In this article you will read about the ingenious method we used to get over 70 dates for a 55 year old man, explaining the entire process and why it can work for anyone.

The truth is that we all find it difficult to engage into  a conversation with women. It happened to any single man for sure. Why that is, well it’s a very long story, but briefly it’s because

We are hardwired to be bad at pitching. It is caused by the way our brains have evolved” — Oren Klaff

Now let me explain you exactly how we skipped the approach phase in the seduction game, and went straight to the point:

Volker, a german business partner of my friend, was doing business in Romania for more than 4 years at the time (2015). He was 55, divorced and quite unhappy. After a while, my friend thought that since we are running a digital marketing agency and a recruitment agency, we should be able to find him a girlfriend in the same way we find employees for companies, why not?!

So we published an article in the news “The Ingenious Way a Businessman Is Looking For His Soulmate” containing his story, hobbies, desires, values and expectations (things that sometimes take months to communicate to your significant other). At the end of the article we also added a “call to action”, advising the women who are interested to contact him. We then advertised the article to thousands single women all over the country.

It’s like having superpowers

— being able to interact with 1.000+ women in just hours


Source: wearebulletproof

This is the power of online marketing!

Two days later, he was flooded with requests from women. He couldn’t keep up with all that. It was overwhelming. All day long he would do nothing but use his smartphone. 70+ women contacted him and they were all genuinely interested in him.

Here is a picture of Volker and his new girlfriend:


After this episode, we wanted to try it again, to see if it really works.

A friend of ours, Raul, visited from Denmark. With the hope that he will remain with us (by getting a girlfriend, ha-ha!), we applied the same methodology, although he was completely skeptical about it.


Full article here

The result?

70+ women (we stopped advertising when we reached this number) added him on Facebook, fighting for his attention. The side effect — again, for days he would barely talk to anyone, but spend all day in front of the computer or his iPhone. It was overwhelming for him.

Places have changed. He did not have to work hard to approach women and talk to them. He was the prize, they were coming for him. “I feel like a rockstar with so many girls wanting me. This is so mindfuck… I wouldn’t have thought something like this is possible” he told me.

After this episode, we realised that this is an awesome idea and launched a business — And unlike all the other dating agencies we have a unique value proposition “girlfriend or money back”.

We now want to help every single men get a girlfriend. The truth is that we are simply programmed to be bad at picking up girls. But now there’s a hack for that –

Original article written by Date a Romanian co-founder, Valentin Nicoară. Read the entire story here.