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Hotel Safety Tips When Travelling Alone

Are you travelling alone? Want to know how to stay safe while at the hotel? Traveling alone is a common thing many people do these days and with the increase in danger and threats it’s important to stay safe at all times. The following is a hotel safety guide that will help you choose a safe hotel like Hotel Misano and remain safe while traveling.

What Makes A Hotel Safe?

  • Are there dead bolts or proper locks with a peephole on the doors?
  • Does the door feature an electronic guest room lock?
  • Is the hotel equipped with an emergency telephone? Can you call from outside the hotel?
  • Is the hotel, parking garage and lobby areas well-lit of a night for optimal safety and evacuation in an emergency?
  • Does the hotel feature 24-hour security?
  • Is the hotel located in your international Embassy’s safe area for hotels? Some hotels may not be located in good areas. Your embassy should be able to help you find safe hotel areas.

Upon Arrival At The Hotel

  • Always stay with your luggage. If there’s a bellman to take your luggage to your room make sure any expensive possessions such as jewellery, wallet, and laptop are with you at all times. Never leave them on the bellman’s trolley.
  • When you check in, take a few hotel cards with you that feature the hotel’s address on it. This way if you get lost you have their phone number and address for the cab driver.

Selecting A Hotel Room That’s Safe

  • Although higher floors offer some of the best views, lower floors tend to have faster access to the ground level. In an emergency situation, you will need to get out fast. In some cases, fire departments can only reach up to the 8th Any higher than this and it will take them longer to get to you in an emergency.
  • Try to avoid taking a room directly on the ground level with door and window access to the streets as this is an easier target for thieves and break-ins. If you can’t get any other apartment, make sure you try to get one where the door faces the interior of the property or the courtyard.
  • Guestrooms that are located near the elevator are some of the safest but tend to be the nosiest. When staying alone try to request a room which is near the elevator but in the middle of the hallway. Although end apartments may be appealing, they are more of a target for thieves.

Upon Arriving To Your Room

  • Check the door locks to make sure they are all secure and strong.
  • Check all windows and their locks to make sure they’re all locked.
  • Checked closets, bathrooms or any other separate room to make sure the last guest didn’t leave anything.
  • Check to see whether the phone has outside line access.
  • Check for the nearest fire exit and become accustomed to the escape route in the event a fire outbreak occurs.

When Leaving Your Room

  • Leave the TV on as it gives an impression someone is in the room.
  • Don’t leave your valuables unattended in the room while you’re away, see if there is a safe on the premise to place them in until you return.
  • Room service signs on the door signal you’re not there. Room service will visit your room regardless so you don’t need to put the sign on.


When it comes to staying safe at your hotel, it’s important to always be alert. By following these simple tips, you can easily make your hotel stay an enjoyable and uneventful one. Do you feel safer now?