Why Hiring a Campervan is a Good Idea

Hiring a camper van in Australia, New Zealand and the United States, can be an appealing idea because of the cost and ease of use, although it is of importance to turn over in your mind a number of things that relate to both camper vans and travelling in recreational vehicles (RVs). The most decisive factor to consider when selecting a camper van is the size and layout, as there simply needs to be enough sleeping room for all people concerned.

Other facilities, such as built-in shower and generators, should also be contemplated. Plus, in addition to the vehicle itself, it is important to consider the voyage when hiring a camper van. It would definitely be a good idea to get to know what the local laws are with regard to camping, and to make campground reservations well in advance and especially during the peak season.

Why Are They So Popular?

Camper vans are sometimes known as class B Motorhomes, and they are basically modified vans. Because these vehicles are similar to unmodified, full-sized vans, they are generally easier to manoeuvre throughout cities and in traffic, and can be parked in regular spaces. Check out Apollo motorhome rental for a trustworthy and reliable camper hire company. These kind of factors can certainly make hiring a camper van an attractive idea to all people, and even to those who lack experience with recreational vehicles, although there will still be some minor important factors to consider.


Should you wish to hire a camper van, it is best to select an interior layout that will work perfectly for the people who will be using it. Many camper vans have sleeping areas for up to four people, although some can make room for six or more. Interior slumber space is important should there be any chance of rain or other harsh weather.

An additional item to consider when hiring a camper van is insurance. Your own personal insurance may extend to rental vehicles, though you really should do the research and make sure. Just simply check to confirm whether a personal policy will cover the rental vehicle. Have a chat with the rental company and they shall be more than happy to put you right on such matters.

Check the Laws

In most European countries, it is completely legal to pull a camper van up into any parking spot and stay the night. But not all countries have such easy going laws and will have maybe have their own regulations. For instance, in many cities in the United States, it is forbidden to do the same, and is often referred to as boon docking. Once again, ask your camper van rental company to give you the run down on all the laws regarding what you can and can’t do.

Just Enjoy Yourselves!

Whether you’re travelling alone or with family or friends, just simply relax, kick back and have a really great time. After all, who doesn’t deserve that?