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A Guide to Cruising Sydney Harbour in Style

Sydney is a cosmopolitan city and its iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge is the gateway to a scenic bay that holds breath-taking views of the Sydney skyline. You have probably seen a few yachts and catamarans gliding under the bridge and assumed they are owned by the rich and famous, yet the chances are the vessel was chartered for the day. There are special tour operators who have a range of first class yachts and catamarans for hire, and with a very flexible approach to the business, you can have a 4 hour trip around the bay, while having a great time on deck.

Crewed Vessels

State of the art yachts and catamarans are fully crewed and ready to cater for large groups that want to sample the unique feeling of cruising Sydney Harbour. Ideal for birthday parties, buck and hen nights, or even a team that is celebrating a successful season, yacht hire in Sydney offers a truly unique experience. Everything is provided and with the vessel in professional hands, you can sit back and enjoy the incredible views in the silhouette of the iconic Sydney skyline.


The event doesn’t have to include the full service, and many groups prefer to bring their own food and drink, and with a full range of kitchen equipment that includes a large BBQ, you have everything you need for a memorable experience. If you are thinking that this type of activity is strictly for the wealthy, think again, and for a group of, say, thirty people, the cost is very affordable, and the self-catering package makes it even more so.

Corporate Sailing

If you want to put your sales team through a challenging and bonding experience, why not have them compete in a regatta? It isn’t necessary to have sailing experience, as there would be some experienced team members who are there to help the team, and with their guidance, your critical team players will develop a deeper understanding of each other and will therefore perform better as a team.

The Competitive Element

Each team would comprise of a team leader, who receives his instructions from the boat skipper, and with all the vessels evenly matched, the winner is usually the team that is best organised. The team would also need a navigator, who is responsible for the route the vessel takes, and with a few people to set, winch, and trim headsail, the team is complete. This type of activity is really valuable for team building, and should the team win the race, it will be because they all played their part well, and under the guidance of professional sailors, help and encouragement are given when needed.

There are online tour operators who have an impressive fleet of yachts and catamarans that cruise Sydney Harbour, and if you would like to know more about the packages they offer, an online search will take you to their website, where you can learn more about the tours and prices.