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Glare Guard: A Must Have Travel Accessory

So your bags are packed and you are ready to hit the open road. You have your car chargers, CD’s and every other thing you think you need for your road trip. But what most people don’t even think about is the change in driving conditions at different times of the day. Whether it be at dawn, dusk or midday, the rays of the sun can really take a toll on your vision. You really could use a pair of high quality sunglasses. But sunglasses only go so far.

Ideally, these sunglasses would be polarized, blocking the harmful sun rays from reaching your eyes. Polarized sunglasses change the way that the light waves travel into your eyes.

Light coming from the sun has rays shooting in many directions. Once it hits a surface and reflects, that light can be very harmful to your vision. What the polarized lens does, is  to try and absorb as much as that harmful light while still allowing enough light to see as possible. The polarized lens will block out much of the glare and also help to improve general contrast.

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But, as you might have experienced yourself, they can be expensive and all too often, easily forgotten or misplaced.

So there is an alternative. Glare Guard. Glare Guard is a polarized car visor that attaches to your built-in car visor and aids in sun glare elimination. Like a large polarized lens, it straps onto the existing visor with clips and velcro bands, holding it firmly in place. Once installed, unlike sunglasses, you never have to think about it again.  It is made with the same polarized material that you would see in expensive sunglass brands such as Maui Jim, Ray Bans or Oakleys.

There are other glare reducers out there; most of them simply tinted plastic which can actually make things cloudy and even darker. Glare Guard takes out a fraction of the light and because of the high quality plastic it is made with; there is absolutely no distortion.  It can also be used along with sunglasses you might already own for even more protection.

Any time you have trouble with the sun, Glare Guard can help. Affordably priced at $37, it can be purchased on Amazon or directly through the Glare Guard website: