How to Estimate Holiday Spending Money

Determining the amount of money you will need for your holiday can be a daunting task.  The good news is that if you are able to plan ahead, you can sort out your spending money within your budget, then you can sit back and relax.  Sure, it can  feel like you are about to spend a huge amount of money, but when you break it down and spend some time to think about where you need to spend money; you can work on a realistic budget. To make sure you don’t get any unexpected costs, make sure you have a plan for the below…

Transport to and from airports

This is a good thing to check before you even book flights.  You might see a cheap flight from an airport that is a little bit further out, but if the cost of getting from the airport to the hotel is therefore increased you might actually spend more, and have a flight from an airport that is further away! Sometimes a train or coach from the airport is actually super easy, trains avoid traffic so they can also be quicker.  If you want to save money but reduce hassle you can get a train or bus from the airport to a central location and grab a taxi from there to the hotel, rather than getting a taxi all the way.  Remember that you need to plan for getting to and from the airport in the country you are leaving and from and to the airport in the country you are visiting.

Food and Meals

One of the best bits of travelling is experiencing the local culture, including local foods.  If you choose to eat at a tourist restaurant with English menus and western food then you will also pay the price tag for this.  You can have a much more authentic experience trying local food in a local restaurant – ordering might not be as easy but that’s all part of the fun!  Download a translator app or research local types of food before you head out to eat so you know what to ask for.

International Roaming Charges

Travelers spend billions on international roaming just to stay connected while they are away.  We all want to call home to let our loved ones know we arrived safely, use Facebook and check email but this can cost you a fortune in roaming charges.  To avoid this you can get a pay as you go international SIM card – you can answer calls for free in almost all destinations, plus you reduce your roaming charges by up to 95%.  If you are traveling with a tablet or iPad you can avoid data roaming charges with a worldwide data SIM card.

ATM and Credit Card Charges

Always check what your bank will charge you before you leave, some bank charge a flat rate for each transaction and some also charge a percentage of the amount you take out.  It’s worth investigating currency cards as you can spend a lot of ATM fees if you are not prepared.

Currency Exchange Rates

With so much economic fluctuations worldwide, it isn’t anything new to notice that the dollar rates vary in all countries. Before you plan your holiday adventure, it is best that you go through the destinations currency exchange rate. This will give you a good idea on what to expect and you can set your budget accordingly.

The less money you spend pointlessly, the more money you can spend enjoying your trip.  Usually it’s just a bit of pre planning, and a little googling and you can easily save yourself over $500!