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Enjoy Snowboarding or Skiing Any Time of the Year in Auckland

Sitting on New Zealand’s North Island, Auckland is a city with its own unique character and charm. Full of natural wonders, the city is only a three-hour flight from the eastern coast of Australia. Whilst you can hike through a rainforest during the day, you can also enjoy snowboarding or skiing 365 days per year. How is this possible? Simply go inside and enjoy these sports beneath a dome that manufactures all the snow needed to make either sport possible.

Winter Fun in Every Season

Even if you have not skied or snowboarded before, you can take lessons at this type of facility so that you can participate in wintertime fun whenever you wish during the year. A snow dome makes it simple for you to enjoy winter-based fun whenever you want. Plus, you usually do not need to make a booking unless you take lessons. The temperature in the facility hovers around -5 degrees Centigrade most, if not all, of the time.

Snow Is Produced on a Recurrent Basis

An indoor facility that offers skiing and snowboarding creates fresh snow three nights a week in order to ensure a sufficient base of snow. The snow is groomed nightly by maintenance technicians so that snowboarders and skiers, again, can stay active year-round. In this environment, helmets are required and gloves can be hired by visitors as well.

Lessons Are Recommended for Beginners

Lessons are not compulsory in this type of facility. That is because kids and adults can learn snowboarding or skiing on the beginner’s slope. However, it is usually better to take a lesson if you are inexperienced and want to make sure that you are skiing or snowboarding correctly.

Create Some Diversity in Your Activities

Usually, lessons can be booked for the day or evening so you can conveniently arrange a time. So, if you love to boat or hike in the summer but want to add some diversity in the things to do in Auckland, you should visit a facility that offers snow sports year-round.

A Family-Friendly Diversion

Normally, a first-timer or beginner who wishes to learn to ski or snowboard should sign up for a private lesson and hire rental equipment, including the mandatory helmet. If you already have experience snowboarding or skiing, then you will enjoy honing your skills and carving the snow with your skis or snowboard. Children who are as young as four or five can learn how to ski or snowboard. This activity is very family-friendly.

Have Fun in the Snow at Night

Needless to say, you should not have to wait until the wintertime to enjoy snow-related sports activities. So, if you want to take up skiing or snowboarding or already have this skillset, you can take full advantage of wintertime sports in Auckland regardless of the season. Passes are available for people who wish to enjoy the activities at night as well.

Snow tubing is also offered at a snow dome facility. Therefore, you do not have to be an expert skier or snowboarder to have fun in the snow in this type of venue. If you want to get introduced to a facility, this is a great way to do so. Usually tubing sessions are hired by the hour and amenities are provided in the form of boots, clothing (pants and jackets), gloves, and extra tubing hours.