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Enjoy a Personal Odyssey Through Greece on a Glorious Walking Holiday

There is nowhere more important to the foundations of Western society than Greece. Indeed, the small nation contains so many of the world’s most important cultural sites, many of which may rightly and without exaggeration be able to lay claim to being some of the birthplaces of Western culture. Music, art, literature, science, mathematics, philosophy—so much of what we consider to be definitely “Western” begins its tale, in one way or another, in Ancient Greece—from the military glory of Sparta to the foundations of democracy in Athens to the island glory of Ithaca and beyond.

In short, Greece is as great and glorious a destination for a walking holiday as can be imagined. Here are just some of the things you can see and experience when planning walking holidays in Greece.

Athenian Holidays

Few cities may be seen as more critical to the course of world history than Athens. The importance of Athens to the political and cultural situation and development of democracy in the ancient world cannot be overstated, and it has remained an important centre of learning and culture ever since. No walking tour of Greece is complete without a walk through one of the great cities of the world and centres of Greco-Roman art and thought. Cultural sites here include the world-famous Parthenon and Acropolis, as well as some of the most famous and foundational buildings from the Golden Age of Ancient Greece. Walking tours here also offer a fantastic chance to take in some of Greece’s most beautiful countryside spaces, from olive groves to rolling hills, all set against a clear blue sky.

Crete and Other Islands

Homer’s epics are some of the earliest in world history, and they are some of the earliest starting points for Western literature. Crete and the many other islands of modern Greece are prominent figures in those stories, making them prime destinations for a walking tour of Greece. Sail over from the Grecian mainland and take in some of the ancient sites commonly tied to Homer’s epics, all while enjoying the legendary beauty of Crete’s shoreline and entry point into the Aegean Sea. Other islands in the area are well worth visiting as well. Corfu and Paxos offer glimpses into traditional Greek village life, while Ithaca is the legendary home of Odysseus, the hero of Homer’s Odyssey.

A Culinary Odyssey

Speaking of The Odyssey, a walking holiday through Greece provides an unmissable opportunity to take your own culinary odyssey. Greece offers some of the most unique and succulent dishes in the Mediterranean, and visiting the Greek mainland and islands is the perfect opportunity to try it all out for yourself. Greece is also a noted wine region and has been for thousands of years. What better way to finish off a day perusing ancient Athenian art or Crete’s lovely coast than with a fine white wine and traditional Greek dishes, all served and enjoyed beneath a beautiful Mediterranean sky?

Embark on your own personal odyssey by booking a walking holiday in Greece today.