Travel Tips

Easy Ways to Pass the Time if You have a Layover at a Large Airport

Lets face it, travelling can be stressful. It seems like there’s nothing more stressful than having to fly. Navigating tsa lines, cramped seating, noisy flights, and crying babies can leave you wanting to pull your hair out. The only thing worse than having to fly is being stuck in an airport. Although it is an undesirable position it is often unavoidable. Layovers need not be as terrible as they seem though. Thankfully with the help of this quick and easy guide you will have a few fun ideas to pass the time the next time you find yourself stuck in an airport for a few hours on a layover.

Visit One of the many stores inside an airport

Most airports have a plethora of stores inside them to go to during layovers. Need a pair of head phones? Head on over to sharper image. Need a quick bite to eat? head on over to the food court. Want to do some quick shopping for some clothes? saks off 5th is a great store with fantastic products. No matter what sort of items you need you should be able to get them at a large reputable airport. The exception to this rule is of course you can not buy anything that you can’t take through security.

Head on over to the movie theatre to take in a quick flick

Who ever thought of putting movie theatres in airports was nothing short of a genius. The timing is perfect. Most layovers last a couple of hours, and most movies are around an hour and a half. If you are stuck in the airport for a layover head on over to the theatre and catch a quick movie. It’s a great way to pass the time. Some airports even offer free tickets to premium members.

Head on over to the bar and have a drink

Every airport has a bar. This is a staple. If you have a layover head on over to the bar and have a drink.