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Different Skiing Conditions & How To Deal With Them

As soon as you book onto a Chamonix holiday, you are bound to be counting down the hours until you break. You are not alone! Many people are waiting for the winter to come. By the time the powder is on the ground, you will want to try and fit in as much of it as you possibly can for the whole duration of your break. However, there are a number of different mountain conditions that you may need to deal with, so it is important that you know exactly the best way to cope with each one that you are going to face.


No one wants to ski on ice instead of some fresh pow. Nevertheless, being able to ski on ice competently is a skill you will almost certainly need. Ice can cause a lot of people to panic, however there is no reason that you shouldn’t be able to ski in icy conditions, just as you would be able to in others. When you’re skiing on ice, it is better to try and carve into it with your ski’s holding your edges. Rather than simply sliding over it. This gives you a much better grip and more control over the direction in which you ski, and for this reason it is a technique worth practicing.

Man-made snow

When you ski on man made snow, the friction caused by your skis melts the snow, before it quickly fuses back together straight afterwards. This creates small patches of ice which can set you off balance if you are not prepared. There will be people on the slopes to try and rectify this throughout the day. Yet they cannot fix this completely. Therefore if you choose to ski towards the end of the day, you must be more vigilant as the slopes may not be so well maintained.


You may be shredding a fresh powder field the one day only to return the following day to find yourself in a mogul field, and it is vital you know how to deal with it. When you travel over moguls while skiing, you need to make sure that you are not going to be thrown up into the air. In order to do this, you should try and keep your centre of gravity stable by bending your knees and allowing them to absorb the impact of the moguls that you are skiing over. If you are going to be successful at skiing over moguls, you will need to look ahead at all times, as this means that you are able to see everything that is coming up in front of you, and you will therefore have the chance to plan the way that your body needs to move.

Although there are a number of conditions that you will need to prepare for when skiing in Chamonix. By using the tips above, you should find that you are now able to ski on many of them. This means that you are able to enjoy skiing no matter what the conditions are like when you arrive. The more confident you feel to adapt to the different types of conditions that are present, the more you are going to enjoy it, so learning about the things that you may have to face is definitely worth it.