Spain and Madrid

The Best Things You Can Do In Madrid For Free

If you are thinking to visit Spain and Madrid is not on your plans, I’m going to give you some good excuses why can’t skip the Spanish capital.

As capital of an European country, Madrid offers a lot of things to do during all day all year long, but probably the difference is that in Madrid you can find a lot of things for FREE! Here you have some examples:Yara_pub_crawl


Madrid hosts the second biggest art gallery around the world the PRADO museum (only after Louvre in Paris) the Prado also host the biggest classic Spanish art collection around the world and just around the corner for the lovers of Picasso you will find the Reina Sofia modern art Gallery, but the best thing of those places is that they are for FREE almost every day the last 2 hours before they close the door.

Royal Palace

It seems Spanish people really like the huge places, because this Royal Palace is the biggest Royal Palace in all Central and Western Europe and guess what? Is also for free the last 2 hours of the day all year long, unfortunately does not apply to everybody this is only for residents of any country member of the EU or Latino Americans, for the rest of the mortals we need to pay the regular fee.

Free tour Madrid

As many other cities, Madrid also has adopted this concept and the one in charge to make this possible is the company  MADRIDE TRAVEL that organize the famous free tour Madrid  everyday at 11am. The only thing you have to do is show up by the famous BEAR statue in Puerta del Sol (main square) and look for the guides with the big yellow sign and wearing the red t-shirt, they will take you for a 3 hours walk through the city visiting the main attractions and telling you stories, anecdotes and legends of the hidden streets of the capital.


The sunset in a Egyptian temple

Sounds weird, isn’t? An Egyptian temple in Madrid? Yes, right in the center just around the corner of the majestic Plaza España next to the Gran Via, there is a little hill with a beautiful park where in the middle of this park you will see an amazing Egyptian temple surrounded by water, is called Templo de Debod and that area is the best part of the city center to enjoy the magical sunsets of the city or just to have a walk any time, day or night and the best part .… it’s for FREE.


Of course there are many more things you can do for free in the city but we are sure that with those ones you can cover a couple of days of your stay in the Spanish capital, so if Madrid wasn’t in your plans for your Eurotrip now you have some excuses to add it, I’m sure you won’t regret it.